Saturday, May 29, 2010

** cheers ***

* cheers *

a little long weekend cheers to YOU!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

** reasons to be happy **

it has been
here in minnesota
it really isn't so bad in the
... spring ...
.. summer .. fall ..
hate to say it
but the first
month or two of winter..
as long as
there is

fluffy ..crisp ..white snow!

it is the melting dirty snow that is so
freezing temps
no snow..
yes that happens just
cold cold cold

so plop me down in front of a wood burning fireplace..
with a bowl of popcorn .. soft blanket ..
get me outta here & back to
sunny arizona !!

i miss arizona...
but im surviving
at least for a while

so with that said ...
i painted a few wood blocks
all sorta the same feeling
cuz everyday is a reason to celebrate right??

dreams ... life ... sunshine ...friends.. family .. love ...

so be happy
alright already?!?!?!!!

.. oooo fabulous convertible ride with friends ..

... enjoy ...
be happy !!!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

** walking the dogs **

wanna walk the dogs with us??
...this is one of our favorite walks...
... today we walked with my nieces...
it was a beautiful
minnesota day!!

here we go down the driveway....
a little mail box love ...
down the big hill....
past the lake filled with lily pads & turtles!!

it's nice to have walking buddies ..
i scoop
you carry
beautiful ruby
sooo happy& goofy herbdown the hill ..
.. around the bend ..
.. up the hill ..
almost home
:) looks like ruby wants to do it again!!

you have fun?
i hope so
~ maggie ~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

** malibu berner **

move over malibu barbie..

this babe has curves!!


~ maggie ~

Sunday, May 09, 2010

** angels & walkies **

2 favorites

~ angels ~


* our walkies *

available here
~ maggie ~

** happy mothers day!! **

first off
happy mothers day to all you mommies!!
heres mine
hee hee
i love this photo!
i know she's really pretty huh?

* pretty in pink breast cancer survivor *

i'm thinking a lot about her today
not just because it's mothers day
she IS my mom
but she has been such a rock for me this year
as i tumble through this
divorce & grieve the loss of my dad & sister...

when my dad passed away she was the one who
was in the same state as him..
they have been divorced since i was 7-8 years old..
she remarried long long ago...
but she was the one who police called first...
she was the one who had to call & tell all her children
the devastating news...
& she was there to support all 4 of her children..
& continues to deal with his estate items
for us...
she doesn't have to
she does...

my sister passed away 10 months after my dad..
this time
i received the call from the police..
i had to tell my mom the devastating news..

this is our first mother's day without her sister susie...
she has 5 beautiful children

my heart breaks for her babies
my mom...
i can't imagine how it would feel to lose a child
or to lose a mom

the strength of all 6 of these people
overwhelms me..
i could do wonders with just a morsel of it
am honored to be my moms daughter ..
my sisters babies

i love you

~ maggie ~

Friday, May 07, 2010

** sweet weim **

ooo what a face ..
i love a weimaraner!!
& best of all
for you painting on wood collectors
i know it's been a while
i will be starting up the wood
along with the canvas
& yes
they can be easily mixed & matched
same thickness
sides painted black
& as always
ready to hang & enjoy!!
you know the drill

~ maggie ~

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

*** car ride junkie ***

you know what im talking about
they start literally hanging out every
& stay until winter
i know you've seen them..
may even personally know a few

** the car ride junkie **
available here
~ maggie ~

Saturday, May 01, 2010

*** little keke ***

this is little keke..

adorable huh?? i know ..
she looks like a little toy...
shes actually 9 years old ...
was a stray!!!!!

just a little reminder strays
come in all shapes & sizes!!

little keke painting is on her way to
surprise her mum for
mutters day


*** red hot throne ***

the second i turn my back...
he takes my
~ the red hot throne ~

available here...
enjoy enjoy!!

you allergic folks like me
im sooo sorry..
hopefully you dont live
in between
cotton wood trees
like me!!
i am on house arrest.....
it is literally snowing

~ maggie ~