Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*** love devil ***

you have one..
little.. big
( mind outta the gutter people )
i'm sure irresistable!!

ok you know the drill click image or title to bid
enjoy enjoy!!

~ maggie ~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

*** countdown to TWO ***

yep in just a couple days ..
herbie will be 2
this is obviously a mug shot..
this day he ate the gingerbread house..
really he did..

when i wasn't looking i heard him ..
he laughed
little shit
i hurried around to snap a quick shot..
this is what i captured
well this & a few kisses ...

he is my favorite counter surfer..
currently out on bail

Monday, January 12, 2009

*** a flakey day ***

so herbie is back there ..
by the trees
he loves to run along the trees waaaaaay back there..
there is some deer food..
it's that block sorta in front of him..
can you spot him??
he sneeks bites of it when
i'm watching ruby....
gross huh?
it's just seed & corn
miss ruby stays closer to the house..
check out how deep the snow is..
this was around noon today..
it's still snowing!
sometimes herbie can get ruby to walk the driveway
where the snow isn't so deep ...
the cars are just buried..
look how far my garage is from my my house..
i'm standing at my front door ..
yes i carry groceries that far!!

ok soooooo
aside from the snow..
i finished a painting..

** midnight in the garden **

you know the drill...

~ maggie ~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

*** bonus post ****

yes a bonus!!
a fogo
... like bogo but it's free so fogo?!?!?!!


my dog herbie is
can you believe it?

he was just a dopey little boy ...
who miss ruby dreamt of..
she wanted a little buddy ...
so we tell her herbie is hers...

can you even believe how little he was!!!!!
he is bigger that ruby..

well i will add more baby photos in the upcoming days ...
his brother sammie sent him a gift today ..
i hid it away for herbies big day

**** glittery snowflakes *****

so i went to visit my dad ..
added the glittery snowflakes we made to his decor
look at the orbs & sunlight that surrounded us..

amazing huh?

feeling better today
thanks for all the emails..
your the greatest!!
~ maggie ~

Friday, January 09, 2009

*** missing ***

... mom & dad 1971 ...

so today is one of those days i really really miss my dad...
i watched elizabethtown...
terrific movie but i should have
known it would really
make me miss him ...
it feels so different watching now..

sometimes i think
he can read my blog from heaven
... i hope he can ...

sweet dreams...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

** bunny & guinea love *

so i have this thing...
for animals .. if you haven't noticed!!
especially little furry rescue critters...
above is me & my little rescue bunny easter
guinea pig... cutie-pie :)
cutie-pie was a sorta preschool class rescue..
a classmates of colmans was bored with it.. so i said it could live with
the bunny.. from the human society.. sooooo sweet ..
it lived both inside & outside..
our little lulu the shih tzu loved both easter & cutie...
above is lulu napping in the porch with easter...
& playing in the kitchen
even batman loved easter!
then easter died.. next to miss lulu .. it was heartbreaking..
shortly after cutie passed..
broken heart maybe..
i was really worried about lulu now..
so in hopped greta & gadsby!
from a bunny rescue.. sweet things ..
even the cat liked them!
we had the 2 of them for years ..
they died of old age...
i love a fluffy critter!
~ maggie ~

Saturday, January 03, 2009

*** excuse me ****

it's totally been one of those days!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

***~* enjoy the show ***~*

yep that is what i am going to continue to do this year..
i learned so much last year ..
i had a full plate of lessons to be learned
i was getting it dished out as fast as i could choke it down!!
i had such an unbelievably rotten year ...
things that i had absolutely no control over...
i made it in one piece .....
like to think maybe i'm even a bit wiser for the whole rotten year ....
so with that said...
maybe it wasn't that bad ?
maybe i'm stronger than i thought?
maybe all rotten lessons learned?

here are my favorite labs...
first forest he is such a lover
it grosses out his folks
.. i let him kiss me..
i find him irresistible!!
next is marley
the cutest grumpy old farty pants ever..
he likes to howl...
look at him goooooo!
soo cute huh?

ok one more thing..
pine nuts.. you eat pine nuts?
i discovered pine nuts ..
well i didn't...
i had them at marley & forests house..
their mommie discovered them & shared with me
she's nice like that..

i love them on my salad..
what else can i put them on?
do tell!


happy new year!!!
may all your
lessons be learned so you don't have any rotten do-overs!