Monday, March 30, 2009

*** i made it through the weekend ***

i did it .. i survived a weekend without colman being home.. he was off with his grandparents on an adventure & andy is now in AZ so it was me...
me & my BIG dogs for 3 days....
i did a lot of painting.. played with the dogs.. laid in bed & watched R rated movies & ate jelly beans.... it was wonderful but i had a terrible time trying to sleep....
saturday night i went out for dinner & drinks with my brother jamie & mel.. it was fun! we went to a hip new place downtown .. tried all types of funky mexican food & drank some tequila.. there was a brownish colored one called a scorpian.. it tasted smoky.. pretty good... i'm not much of a drinker.. as far as tequila.. nope don't drink that either but it was a tequila bar so we ordered some .... it was an adventure!!

i have been working on finishing up a few commissions before i
go out of town... i will be gone the 3rd-8th..
so hold tight more to come

~ oh & look i built another fairy door .. you like?? ~

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

Friday, March 20, 2009

*** hi ***

hi ...
i'm playing a little catch-up today with paintings & the daily daily of what is my life ..
i know you are on pins & needles ..
especially about my spring poopie dilemma

i knew it so here ya go..

~ maggie & colmans spring poopie solution ~
spray it down..disolve it into the earth! we saw marley & me.. just like what he did to find the necklace in the poo... we sprayed poo with the hose
we didn't find gold necklaces.. we did find a lot of chewed up socks!!
totally gross huh?
so i am unclear exactly as to what will happen to my yard but i am hoping doggie fertilizer ..
& some know the drill click painting or title to view

** sunny days are here again **
** sweet gray in your face **
** armchair napping **
~ maggie ~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

*** i'm a winner ***

so get this
nancy, dd, windy wu & little miss gwaycee
decided herbie & my goldfish gobbler trick deserved a prize..
yes a prize!!
i personally never win anything..last thing i won was in 1987..
i won a "homer hanky "
basically a twins handkerchief to wave at the world series game..
& it was a random drawing so i didn't have to perform or anything..
just signed up!!
so now nancy & her girls sent me this original pepperidge farm hat..
with little goldfishes on it.... also a yummy dog treat for herbie..
i am so lucky!

so that was a fun good thing that happened!!

today is my dad's birthday..
colman & i went to his favorite pizza place for a late lunch &
ate bagels for breakfast.. he liked bagels too :)
so i tossed kisses to heaven & now
i am feeling exhausted...

one last thing...
i realized this morning that my email was not working right..
i wasn't receiving emails on one of my accounts..
somehow i switched my mail to offline!!
i caught up with most of you that requested commissions
please email if you haven't heard back from me...

enjoy your sunday evening...
~ maggie ~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~ magic poop eraser ~

i woke up to rain..
foggy rain ..
then it turned to slushy snow..
then big flakey snow ..
& all the poop in the yard ..
all gone!!

~ maggie ~

Monday, March 09, 2009

*** tulips ***

ok so i have
spring fever
i can't wait .. but i must admit the yard is absolutely disgusting right now..
dog owners know what i am talking about ... i should say dog owners like me who don't religiously pick up the poop in the winter!!
it is so nasty... so if it did snow tomorrow ...i would feel a bit relieved.. the fresh snow would cover up the yard & i would feel a little better... but i know i am just buying time ..... soon i will have to put on my picker-upper gear & just do it....
maybe i can get my nephew brookie to do it .. :)
he loves his aunt maggie.. he might .. for a few bucks!

this weekend i moved into the new tv generation... i did .. i sucked it up & i actually
bought a new tv... it is a plasma.. it is like heaven... i know ... how awesome huh???
i am the holder of the remote..whenever i want.. I LOVE IT!! i still have "tube tv's" the man at the store told me they are hazzardous waste filling up our landfills.. so i told my wanna-be green husband i went green ...
i feel good about the purchase.. feel sorta weird about it in this economy but i wanted to purchase something i normally wouldn't for the family with some of the money my dad left for me when he passed..his birthday is this weekend & i just felt the money slipping through my fingertips..
so i did it
& it feels right
so wanna come over for a rock band party??

new items up for grabs ....
~ the bunny says "meow" ~
*** your biggest fans ***
** welcoming spring tulips **

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

Sunday, March 01, 2009

*** happy march first ***

we are getting closer to spring!!!
can you believe it?
i guess i will when it happens
had a mellow weekend..
finished up some paintings & did some sewing..
i have a little built in seat that i was dieing to recover...
and happily it is now something i can chalk off my huge list of shit to do
god that feels good!!
spent the night down the street at my brother & sister-in-laws
drinking wine & hanging out ..
it was fun

new paintings ..
we have
~ send in the clowns ~

~ starlight blooms ~

enjoy enjoy!
~maggie ~