Monday, March 09, 2009

*** tulips ***

ok so i have
spring fever
i can't wait .. but i must admit the yard is absolutely disgusting right now..
dog owners know what i am talking about ... i should say dog owners like me who don't religiously pick up the poop in the winter!!
it is so nasty... so if it did snow tomorrow ...i would feel a bit relieved.. the fresh snow would cover up the yard & i would feel a little better... but i know i am just buying time ..... soon i will have to put on my picker-upper gear & just do it....
maybe i can get my nephew brookie to do it .. :)
he loves his aunt maggie.. he might .. for a few bucks!

this weekend i moved into the new tv generation... i did .. i sucked it up & i actually
bought a new tv... it is a plasma.. it is like heaven... i know ... how awesome huh???
i am the holder of the remote..whenever i want.. I LOVE IT!! i still have "tube tv's" the man at the store told me they are hazzardous waste filling up our landfills.. so i told my wanna-be green husband i went green ...
i feel good about the purchase.. feel sorta weird about it in this economy but i wanted to purchase something i normally wouldn't for the family with some of the money my dad left for me when he passed..his birthday is this weekend & i just felt the money slipping through my fingertips..
so i did it
& it feels right
so wanna come over for a rock band party??

new items up for grabs ....
~ the bunny says "meow" ~
*** your biggest fans ***
** welcoming spring tulips **

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

hey- a plasma tv? good for you! we looked at them but in the end, we bought a digi! it replaced a very old tv, so we are thrilled.
Love your new paintings- you have the best models!!!
are they pretentious like NYC models? lol
easter kitty is adorable too!
Hope to catch you on IM one of these days! I'm persistent, so one day i will.... love you.

Life With Dogs said...

I spent yesterday engaged in the same unfortunate spring ritual.

It snowed today. My dose of Monday irony...

Allison said...

No blogs yet - felt compelled to speak...poop picker upper, that is a good job title for a nephew who wants to earn a few bucks...or a son with a lot of dogs for buddies...

am writing from Boise, yes Boise, Id. where I am on business...cold, but not yet snowing, maybe tomorrow

Can't wait to get you up to Mammoth and up on your Volkls...

Melissa said...

Hubby and I spent some time in the yard this past weekend trying to decide on all the projects we have to do or want to do. We don't have poop, but lots to do out there just the same. So, I feel your pain. ;)

Congrats on your purchase. We all deserve a treat. Enjoy it!!

Oooooo, that kitty is ca-ute!!!!! Great art!

~Smoochie Poochies~