Tuesday, June 30, 2009

** empowering ME **

so as some of you may know already
my life has been very bumpy these
last few months...
way to much heartache
both my dad & sister passed away
my marriage... divorce is a bitch...
so in this i am trying to
do things to remind myself
'hey i can do it .. '
so i signed up for an 8k with my sis-in-law mel ..
who by the way runs & ran it last year ..
we have been practicing .. sometimes walking sometimes biking
but we haven't ran
i'm just happy we are out there moving!
so saturday was the big race..
i woke up at 5am to a loud crashing boom of thunder ..
alarm went off at 6:30am & i was up .. dressed & out the door with my
bright yellow fire mans raincoat..
it was mel & i at the starting line with
about maybe 50 hardcore
'i race in the pouring rain & i race when it is 30 degrees below'
runners ..
we giggled .. stretched & were off!
we ran the first block to impress the nieces & my bother as they cheered
us on from their front door as we ran past their house..

..my brother even commented on us running ... he was impressed ..
then it was a steady walk
2 minutes into the run
we were drenched
2 miles in the winners & leaders of the race passed us ..
going the opposite direction ..
on the last leg of the race already!!
we hip-hip-hoorayed them along..
through out the race
we bounced back in forth with 3 women for the tail end race position
only for them to pass us on the final stretch...

giggling in the rain as the orange cones where being taken
down & the water stations were closing

we crossed the finish line
i was dead last
last ...
but i tell ya ..
we did it!!

we giggled in the pouring rain on sunday morning for
1hour & 13 minutes

i empowered me

Thursday, June 25, 2009

** owl find you a home **

i can't believe i forgot to tell the great owl story ....
thanks for reminding my sydney .. here we go..
it is actually being told my my sister-in-law mel .. :)

Hi! For those that have emailed about Hooty, yes, it is an amazing story and yes, we are so happy to have her safe & sound! thank you for your kind wishes!

I received a status update today and she is feisty and mean, which is really good in "raptor" language! She has some bruising on her elbows and they are keeping her a few more days to see what develops. I can call to check in on her.... They will release her back here if she has a quick recovery. It sounds like that will be the case....

While talking about Hooty, they asked if we would be interested in hosting a "foster" owl?? Uhm, YEAH!!! Great Horned Owls don't know or care how many babies they had...if another one enters their "territory" they will take care of it as if it is their own. I guess this is uncommon in the animal and raptor world. I got a call a few hours later asking again if we would be willing to have a foster owl brought in...they would be here between 7-8.

Julie, the director of the center, arrived around 7. Binoculars in hand and birdwatchers in tow, we set out searching for the owls. (They have become much harder to see over the past week or so with the trees in full leaves.) An hour later, no luck. She wouldn't leave the new owl without visually seeing the other mom, dad, or baby. She did show us several instances of evidence of where they were...and feathers of what they ate. It was an education! But no drop. This owl was younger than our Hooty and was unable to fly. He was a crawler and they had to make sure there was an owl connection in the area.

Julie and the little baby owl left, promising to come back around nightfall.

She did, and after about 30 minutes of many eyes looking, they were heading back to the car. They heard baby "clucks" but could not visually see a baby or an adult. Some of us were over by the pond where I had seen them dozens of times...and heard it! The baby called out! We ran!! As Julie was coming up the trail, we were running down. This way! Binoc's in the air...listening, looking, chatting...so many questions! Colman (with no binoc's) and just turned 12 years old, observed the area and said, "there it is." Matter of fact. There she was, sitting on fallen tree debris. COLMAN the HERO!!!! The owl flew to a neighboring tree and waited..........................

We ran back up the hilll and to the baby. Julie took the baby owl out of the cage and let us take pictures of the extra fuzzy baby owl. This one was much younger than Hooty. Then we walked her, neighborhood now in tow, down to the fallen tree. Julie gave us one more photo opportunity, then went to the tree and released the babe. We had to be very quiet. Mission successful. She must feel like a celebrity!!! Actually, I asked her, she laughed!

On the way back, she told us more about the Great Horned Owl and how unique it is. If you ever find an animal in trauma, please don't rely on your city for information. Please call a center that can cater directly to the animal in question, like the Raptor Center. Share this story because you might be able to have an impact later...my Nordy shared his story which ultimately saved our Hooty.

Once home and kids in bed--ultra late!, I spent some time on the deck just listening. I heard the baby clucking and tooting...Julie said a mom Great Horned Owl will provide for all babies in the area. 3 is about the most they can provide for...we have the sibling of Hooty, hopefully Hooty back soon, and now our new foster owl. Listening to what she was saying, I said, "I guess Hooty's tangle was great timing!" She wholeheartedly agreed, it was indeed great timing. They had been looking for a home for this baby Great Horned Owl. We have named this foster owl T"Tooty."

so that is way cool huh?
we are so proud:)

enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

so i can hardly stand it.. my painting for the wine label made the finals!!!!!!
totally exciting huh?
i think i find out tomorrow....
it has been so sticky & hot..herbie has his face
permanently planted right up against the air conditioning vent..
so his big head is blocking all the air & freezing his brain!!
last night i had a slumber party at my place..
all my nieces but one attended..
she is in kansas..
one popped in & had to leave .. she had to work in morning
& one had a fever so she came.. had cake..& started to feel better !!
my cake has that effect on people
so she stayed a couple hours
so mom & dad could have a b-day dinner ...
colman was the guest of honor ..
we had a blast..
well i made my first mini bundt cakes...
so cute & yummy
here's the birthday girl & ella the girl my mini bundt cake healed..
at least for a few hours

and one of the cutest photos in the batch audrey loves doing dishes..
so have at it right?
so there she is with miss ruby
helping clean up

enjoy enjoy !
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

*** susie ***

my beautiful big sister susie
died friday june 12th
she in heaven with my dad
i miss her

she is finally at peace

i love you susie

Monday, June 15, 2009

** calling all dog loving wine lovers **

so i entered this cool wine label contest
Mutt Lynch Winery..
sponsored by Dog Art today
above is my entry..

this is the description of the wine:
a Dry Creek Valley Meritage, which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that is aged in 100% French oak for 18 months. Only 500 bottles of this rare and exclusive wine will be produced.
ok how it works is
the top 10 artists with the most votes will go to the next round...
then the winner will be selected from the finalists
by judges
Brenda Lynch – winemaker/co-owner of Mutt Lynch Winery,
Rae Huestis - wine label designer,
& Moira McLaughlin – founder of Dog Art Today.

Voting runs until midnight PST, Friday, June 19, 2009.

The wine with the winning label will debut at

The Dog Days of Summer event at Mutt Lynch Winery August 8, 2009.

proceeds benefit the Healdsburg Animal Shelter.

so if you are in the area..
how fun..
wine treats dogs ..
now that is a good day..
so i ask
will you help me be a finalist?
then the judges jump in & cast final vote..
i would love to make it to finals..
here are the links to view..really amazing art!
view art here
vote for me here
i'm number 22
thank you
my fingers are crossed

Thursday, June 11, 2009

*** chocolate?? ***

i am sad to admit..
i am so late on the flavor
i just wasn't that into it..
how could i have
not understood??
now older wiser & thoroughly enjoying
i have a new
strange impulsive desire
to see just how many different flavor
hershey kisses
can find
& taste
i love just to have them..
just in my possession..
perhaps i am hoarding??????

i am hoarding chocolate kisses & various marshmallow candies!!
i like many many fabulous exotic chocolates ...
but something about the kiss ..
i think when i first found the
marshmellow kiss
remember that?
click here for a retake on that...
that was that ...i became hooked
now today i am suddenly totally excited when
i find a new flavor
ever try the peanut butter chocolate kiss?
not bad..
i think i still prefer the reeses
but what do i know
i am new to the
chocolate love affair
what's your favorite??
~ maggie the marshmellow
chocolate kiss hoarder! ~

Monday, June 08, 2009

* another year older *

yep... that's me at .. hmmmm well let's say
a looong time ago!
even back then i loved dogs in hats..
note the weiner dog in birthday hat
on my fuzzy pink jacket
with a curled tip hood
love it!!
so it was a week of
rain too..
thank god..
we really needed the rain

colman successfully completed another year of school..
now we are on
to the 6th grade...
so the summer will be full of fishing..swimming.. biking..
boating ..
& of course i will continue to paint up a storm
so don't hesitate letting me know what you want to see!!

** making friends **
currently up for grabs
you know the drill
click here
the image
to see all my current

~ maggie ~

Sunday, June 07, 2009

*** hey you ***

" hey you..you up yet?? "
available now..
click image or here to bid...

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~