Saturday, May 31, 2008

** my birthday with poo poo ***

so ... we had our big buddy Rocco aka poo poo for a whole week!! it was the greatest.. we all adore him he is such a big lover...

ruby has a crush on him ...she sneaks kisses

then herbie romps into the room & spoils the mood :)

i also turned 40 on Wednesday ... yep the big 4-0 .... i think it was more a big deal for others than it was for me.. i remember when i was a kid i thought of 40 as old.. no more pimples & i could wear high heels .. ..last week i woke up with a big pimple ON MY NOSE.. YIKES! there goes that theory & as for high heels... i rarely wear them & if i do it is for added high if my pants are too long ( i'm only a tad bit over 5ft ) or i have an event to go to .. which is rare ....
i think my friends were a little freaked as i am sorta the first of us to turn & my siblings may be freaked .. i am the youngest of 4 .... but for me .. i'm fine .. my favorite jeans fit ... which i am thrilled about.. my hair is almost all natural .. i stopped coloring it about 2 years ago & i have passed that horrible growing out stage .. or so i think.. ;) and well ... i feel as dopey as i did when i was a teen... but i own it now!!!
not to mention the big sweet saint i got to snuggle with all week when ruby & herbie weren't looking!!

... 40 is good .... thanks poo poo

Monday, May 19, 2008

*** funky tiles ***

so i absolutely LOVE fabulous funky handmade tiles..
last summer i found a local artist at an art fair & grabbed handfuls of these little
tiles ... just little shapes & letters ..
i took her magic .. sprinkled in my magic
waa la ....

cool huh?

it's our names.. sorta hard to see in photo..
~you can click image to enlarge photo~
i bought the dogs & cat names also with some paw print tiles ..
i don't know what i'm going to do with them ..

there was a bat on my house yesterday..
look ... sorta freaky .. sorta cool ...
it rained again today .. but the world is looking green .. there sits andy with his mountain dews... he's been sleepy ... living off caffeine these days .. hopefully things will mellow out soon..

new painting ..

* pug love *

my neighbor told me i could have a duck.. chickens & even a small goat ..
i decided if i had a duck i would name it
colonel quackers

i don't think i will be getting a duck

i miss my bunnies .. i would like a bunny again

enjoy enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

Friday, May 16, 2008

as i paint ...

they just sleep ...
i love it ..
this is them today ...

little lulu is here too :)
she sorta keeps mostly under my chair ..

fabulous news... our buddie rocco is coming to stay a few days... oh i can't wait!!!
he is a saint bernard.. his mommie is going to disney land .. so he is coming here..
pretty good deal for all of us .. we adore him & he adores us :)

i will post photos... he will be here the 24th-28th i think .. or 29th


ok .. auctions...
you know the drill
click painting or title to view auction ...

enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

april snowfalls do bring flowers!!

wandering around today in my yard i took some photos of the soon blooming i hope garden of
i don't know ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i found these little flowers just growing smack dab in the middle of the yard ... under & around my little purple bird house ...

more bulbs ... don't know what .. daylillies maybe?

some totally random things ....

and i think this is grape vine

i took this photo yesterday at our other house.. anyone wanna buy a house ? ;)
what a cute mommie huh??

she is sitting on 4 eggs... smart girl found a nice warm place.. that light is always on ....

i am waaay behind in just about everything.. my son just celebrated his 11th b-day & well... i have been busier than my normal busy..
more paintings will be listed daily this week :)

i currently am not taking commissions but i do try to always do requests .. so let me know if you are looking for something in particular
Maggie ...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mothers day!!

happy mother's day!!

more from me later today :)
enjoy the day ...
today it is
sunny !!