Tuesday, January 29, 2008

* i think your treat worthy *

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Monday, January 28, 2008

~ skiing ~

do you ski ?
i haven't for years ... but i am back in skis & teaching my ten year old...
he had lessons over the holidays ..
& well ... instructor was nice ... but didn't teach colman how to get up when he fell ..
poor little guy ... i have nick-named him my little tumble weed! :)
seems to be a good fit being with this his first winter out of arizona!

anyway .. i taught him to get up ...


Thursday, January 24, 2008

* cats enjoy tea & turtle rides *

they do.. they like party hats too :)
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* fresh from the garden *

i love funky flowers ...
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

driving on ice

oooooooh sooo freaky!

if you roll down the windows you can hear cracking..
i of course was clueless of this the first spin my son & i took on lake minnetonka..
found out from husband who grew up on the lake about this when we got home & he
said " didn't you hear it ?"
hear what???? we were laughing.. singing to the radio & screaming "ice road truckers" as we sped across the ice!!

here's my truck in the middle of the lake.. sorta cool huh?

so we did it again yesterday ...
i love to check out ice houses ..

anyways ...
so my little Eskimo

& i were out on the ice taking the photo of the truck above & we heard it ..
the god awful crack glug sound as another car drove past us...
if you have heard it before you know the freaky sound i am talking about!!

little eskimo after hearing the sound..

from now on we are staying in the truck..windows up & music playing!


* blue moon *

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12x16 on canvas...
love the colors

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* snowman love *

neighborhood snowmen..

the little guy above is mine..
he looks sorta tired huh? he has been around a few weeks .. he needs some fluffing up..
... look at his nose... it has totally wilted.. guess what it was...

celery ;)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

night time in the city

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i love this ..
i spelled abstract wrong in the title & when i went to change it ..
it was already bid on ..
so it sits
with my spelling error...

geez i need to spell check more often.....



life goes on....

so ...
some of you may remember i recently relocated after 13 years to minneapolis..
from phoenix.....

i need to pause a second here it shocks me too!!

ok ..
& needless to say it has been a total complete nightmare...
we are still trying to sell the first home we purchased in June ..
we lived there a month & a half &


home has sold twice.. both times has fallen thru...

so in the mist of this incredible nightmare our spirits have really plummeted
to an all time low...
so i have be making things to remind us ..

believe *color* laugh* kick ass *dance *hug

yes we all must give our best & get out there & kick ass!! :)

i decided to offer this one up for auction .. i get so many compliments on it.. it absolutely puts a smile on faces!
i hang mine right on the back of my front door so i see it every time i leave the house!

to visit auction click here...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

~ my alarm clock ~

it is actually 2 wet cold noses & a fuzzy orange cat!
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they sleep behind me in the day while i paint..
( aerial view from my chair )

that's herbie peeking... :)

~ enjoy ~

~ magical rabbit ~

come make a wish!!
i just love her.. she is loaded with magic ..glitter..sequins.. & all sealed in beeswax.....
she's painted on a canvas panel then i tacked her to a board with round headed upholstery nails.. ... this is beautiful.. soooo difficult to capture in photo..
rabbit is ready to grant wishes!
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this was the last weekend of my 10 year olds winter break... we had fun hanging out .. i will miss him not being home with me ... but i will enjoy having more time for me..
on friday we went antiquing ...
yes he enjoys it also :) ... he likes the match box cars.. old trains ...boy stuff.... i am fascinated with the photographs & old advertisings from magazines...
i could page through old magazines all day!!
also went to see the movie fred clause ... it was funny ... i am waaaaaaay behind on movies.. this was the first movie i have gone to since i moved to this state in JUNE... that is a LOOOOONG time ... colman has been going with his grandma so he isn't so outta it but i love to go to the movies ....
& yes
we went to a christmas movie on jan 4th... HA!
oh well ...... it is nice having so many movies i haven't seen coming out on video or at the $2 theater!!
today we went ice skating with my brother & his family... it was fun...

hope you had a terrific weekend.........

Saturday, January 05, 2008

~ my angel guide ~

what uttered from the heart alone will win the hearts of others to our own....
~ Goethe

today i went antiquing... SOOOOOO fun... i found some little vintage valentines..
i just love that stuff... postcards..ads... little trinkets... vintage photos..
... i am sorta in limbo still.. most of my powertools are out in the garage .. the garage is NOT close to the house
quite honestly it has been cold & i just have been so bummed that i don't have my workshop set up..
but i will .. it will be warming up a bit.. until then i have a stack of canvases .. raw wood i am going old school.......... maybe i will throw in some of my papier mache.. or perhaps the doll i am making ...

stay tuned

oh this beauty is for sale here on ebay...


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


click images to enlarge photos...
so my girlfriend a busy mommie of a beautiful 2 year old ...
has be disappointed about not having a fabulous room for her baby boy...
my opinion it IS fabulous...
but i agree it is difficult when you are in a rental and you can't really paint the walls ...
besides that they just moved in!

so i painted this little ditty for her baby elijahs rooom for christmas...

you like?
i love..
she loved to ..
& elijah was a very happy boy..
he held it & giggled ..
i love that ..
seal of approval!

it was difficult to photograph because it has so many textures & is so shiney ..
but if you click images the image enlarges & you can see details....

if you are interested in one for yourself or your little tiger..
i can hook you up too!!!

just shoot me an email....

happy happy new year..
~ Maggie ~