Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*** waiting ***

so today he laid on my bed...
watching me
nice.. soft.. loving.. loyal

occasional head lifts..gentle tail wags
ear perks
his walk....
he's so sweet...
my herbie
this is a daily thing
to watch..

up for grabs here

today i received 2 emails dealing with cancer ..
bernese mountain dogs with cancer
one bone marrow with 6-8 week prognosis
she is 7
another with
lung cancer and a tumor in her neck
she is 8 1/2
there is concern she won"t make it to her 9th birthday in january....
lets do what we can to help this beautiful breed
for more information
check out this site

~maggie ~

Monday, October 19, 2009

*** something wonderful ***

yesterday i found a glazed chocolate donut in my mailbox..
yes really!
it was in a little bag
no explanation
it just was sitting there...
i love the thought
i love a chocolate glazed donut
but it went in the garbage...
i can't just eat random food i find in my mailbox..
i have to draw the line somewhere right??!?!?!

then today it was garbage day..
someone rolled my 2 overflowing cans of garbage to the curb..
have no idea who..
my garbage man has never done that..
maybe a nice neighbor?
the little fellow that lives behind the door in my walnut tree?!?!

all i know is something wonderful is blowing through ..
maybe our early snowfalls have cleansed
my house
my spirit
my small spot in this world..

i believe & continue to believe
in dreams.. karma.. angels.. fairies
i am hoping i can entice it to stay!!

little blue houses are on my mind..
* sunset on colbalt lane *
up for grabs here..
~ maggie ~

why not?

you see things; and you say, 'why?' but i dream things that never were; and i say, "why not?"
~ george bernard shaw ~

Friday, October 16, 2009

*** sweet love ***

something about the look
on my dogs face..
the soft loving loyal eyes...
the welcoming barks..
the warmth when they sit by my side..
gentle nudge to wake me up..
hugs when i am happy...
comfort when i am sad..
they just

hope you all have a love sweet love....

this is a favorite of mine..
up for grabs..
you know the drill
just click image or

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*** maggie-pedia **

so it has been brought to my attention that i
make up words??
so maybe i will start my own

first word
farkle when my sparkle starts to
fade .. when i am tired..

good huh? makes sense

according to wikipedia
farkle is actually a dice game ..
i like it my way better

~ maggie ~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

*** cooler than the flip side of a pillow ***

well according to my son i am!!
i was stunned when he said it..

your dorky mom?!?!"

i'll take that any day!!
the song by uncle kracker
uses that
phrase in it's lyrics..
i love that song..
i'm cool

i have been playing around with
some of my old favorite things..
painting little quirky houses.
.villages ..
i just love the feel of a
lived in & loved in house..

this one is up for grabs..
*** village harmony ***
click to view
enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

i don't want to focus to much on this
i must tell you..
it snowed 2 nights ago!!
yes oct snowfall..thank god it melted by afternoon

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

*** i love a birthday party ***

as long as it's NOT mine!!
not so much because of age..
but i don't like all eyes on me...
i'd rather be in the birthday chorus...
i was maybe...5 in above photo..
this may have been my surprise party where i ran
hid in the shower
the time i hid under the table at farrels when the drums &
singers marched over to our table!
i was terrible
still am about celebrations like that
only if it's mine
i love to celebrate with others!

on sunday we celebrated my little niece ellas 5th birthday..
what fun!!
ooooodles of silly little kids ..
i was the face painter ..
until i hired my protege audrey to take over..
she did excellent don't you think??

fun day!!
happy 5th sweet ella sofia
love you!!

~ maggie ~

Saturday, October 03, 2009

*** marley ***

so mister marley is on my mind..
my brother & sister -in-laws
loyal chocolate lab...
i adore this dog..
he is a loyal.. howling ..silly old man!

i have this crazy thing for his little white beard
..i love when dogs get those white whiskers..

so when i painted this chocolate fellow
i obviously had marley on my mind.. it isn't him..
did i mean for it to be him
i was just doing my thing

a loyal.. whiskered.. chocolate.. love

you know the drill
i just listed it
click to bid

it has been raining for a few days now..
i complained about it still feeling
warm & summery
i need to shut my big trap!!
now it is dreary..cold...
& well
it happened....
fall is here!
crisp ...yet wet fall!!

i think i have had a fire going non-stop for 3 days ..
i love a fire but
unfortunately my furnace is farkling!!
i know can you believe it??
what timing
i had a guy out yesterday to take a peek
he basically taught me how to jump start it!!
& well ..
he left & 20 minutes later
i had to jump start it
he said he didn't know how many
times i could get it to fire this way..
i guess

but fire is such a good thing..
it is toasty..
like cuddling

so just a little hurdle ...
until it is fixed
i have 2 big furry dogs to continue to cuddle!!

hope you are all feeling toasty..

~ maggie ~