Saturday, October 03, 2009

*** marley ***

so mister marley is on my mind..
my brother & sister -in-laws
loyal chocolate lab...
i adore this dog..
he is a loyal.. howling ..silly old man!

i have this crazy thing for his little white beard
..i love when dogs get those white whiskers..

so when i painted this chocolate fellow
i obviously had marley on my mind.. it isn't him..
did i mean for it to be him
i was just doing my thing

a loyal.. whiskered.. chocolate.. love

you know the drill
i just listed it
click to bid

it has been raining for a few days now..
i complained about it still feeling
warm & summery
i need to shut my big trap!!
now it is dreary..cold...
& well
it happened....
fall is here!
crisp ...yet wet fall!!

i think i have had a fire going non-stop for 3 days ..
i love a fire but
unfortunately my furnace is farkling!!
i know can you believe it??
what timing
i had a guy out yesterday to take a peek
he basically taught me how to jump start it!!
& well ..
he left & 20 minutes later
i had to jump start it
he said he didn't know how many
times i could get it to fire this way..
i guess

but fire is such a good thing..
it is toasty..
like cuddling

so just a little hurdle ...
until it is fixed
i have 2 big furry dogs to continue to cuddle!!

hope you are all feeling toasty..

~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Miss Meliss said...

mmmm chocolate and fire - what's better than that?