Monday, December 29, 2008

** the beauty queen ***

.. officially Hurray Ruby she is my beauty queen..
i have always
called her beauty queen..
it so fits her..
she is enjoying my new thrift store quirky plaid 1960's couch & i just
love it!
it is the perfect height for her she just sorta steps right up..
herbie .. he follows me everywhere
he is my lap dog... ruby is my queen

i went to dinner with my brother & his family tonight..
it was such a good meal!
i came home & played rockband with colman..
yes i did
i'm a mean ass bassist!

here are latest up for grabs..

~ my beauties :)~
~ ladiesman ~
i have so much to do so off i go..
~maggie ~

Sunday, December 28, 2008

*** feeling changes comin on ***

i have been a bit shook up..
i'm somewhat a mellow cat ...
on a
catnip high

i'm far from perfect but hey no one is right??
it has been a terrible last year & a half ..
but i survived ...

i think the thing that was such a bummer
about the holidays
was i was so in the spirit ..
at the same time!!
crisis right there huh?

so today is brighter..
still trumped but whatever ..

i have many tricks up my sleeve anyways huh?!?!!?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

*** my lap dog ***

herbie the lap dog....

*** i've been trumped ***

it was one of those holidays that sorta zipped by so fast
i really didn't have time to think about things ..
but now that i do
i realize....
i have been

i was told my mother-in-laws sugar cookies are better than mine...
by my husband..
could have decked him!

this is my favorite gift ..
the shirt a gift to myself
and the necklace a gift
from a fabulous friend!

Friday, December 19, 2008

*** snow ***

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*** mini me the doll ***

ok... i have a thing for dolls..
rag dolls ..especially raggedy ann dolls ...
melissa mentioned in her blog holly hobbie... remember her?? she looked like little laura ingles ... anyways a couple months ago i started to make a doll of me for me.. all from scratch.. here she is my first dollie...
silver strands in the hair & all!
my hair is shorter now but it will grow out wild
& crazy again right?!?!?
the little velvet rose skirt is
a piece of a favorite little jacket i wore in the 80's ..
i started knitting a couple months ago & had hoped to have a scarf i could wear by now..
but since i don't... i'm a slow knitter ...
i knit a mini scarf one for my mini me.. my first scarf!!
boots cuz i LOVE boots
& tights the color of my dogs
rust black & white
because we are sooo much a part of each other...

***** click images to enlarge pictures *******

fun huh? she isn't completely done.. her hands or lack of them..
think i can knit my mini me mittens???
~ maggie ~

***BRRRR baby it's cold INSIDE *****

it is freezing outside..
& until noon today ..
it was freezing
maybe 45 degrees...
it was -9 when i drove colman to the bus stop this morning ..
thank god our heating & air man bruce was out to my house
by 9am & had heat going by noon..
i snuggled in bed as long as i could with
ruby.. herbie.. lulu.. & cat mr bing..
lulu in her lobster suit
(yes she & latte the guinea pig have matching outfits)
& mr bing refused to get outta bed..

on a good note..
my fat lip mess is pretty much on the mend..
my front tooth still is a little loose
is super sensitive to cold
but ..
it is

so no gold tooth
i so appreciated all your support &
input on the subject
here we go
paintings up for grabs...
*** flower power ***

*** garden love ***

enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

*** snow+me=clutz ***

ok .. i have been so incredibly clumsy lately..
is it all this snow we have had?
is it age?
i wish..
i just am clumsy!!

today while siting and painting away i grabbed a beautiful minty greeny blue ..
squeezed a little & nothing so i squeezed a little harder ..
you know what happened next ..
yep i actually had a quick glimpse into my future myself...
i was COVERED in beautiful greeny blue..
across my shoulder..
half my cheek..
and yes
my mouth was opened & well
beautiful greeny blue doesn't taste very beautiful!!

it was funny
i was totally laughing!

my lip is healing.. i think i will be fine..
hopefully tooth is fine ..
but a fabulous gold tooth would look wonderful!!
thanks for all the warm wishes ..
i sorta lisp now..
i have been watching nancy grace for weeks ..
it is all about caylee anthony ..
20 some odd weeks in counting & the woman says caylee so weird..
she like rolls the l or something i can't figure it out but it
annoys ..fascinates & cracks me up..
maybe i will develop an odd thing like that
a funny way to say my own name ..
just my name ..
nancy only seems to say caylee weird ..
it's different everytime she says it ..

ok enough of my rambling .. :)

up for grabs ..
the snow lush..
*** do i have to come in ? ***

*** big flakes ***

*** happy ***

you know the drill click image or title to bid

enjoy enjoy

Friday, December 05, 2008

** full grill or goldtooth **

i totally wiped out today..
off the patio on to the shovel..
right between the eyes with the
total spy vs spy
me the one who always spazs
"protect your face"
"arms out in case you slip"
"don't want to lose a tooth "
my arms were out ..
didn't help
it was a shovel handle...
so split my lip
had a nose bleed
loose front tooth

if i loose the tooth what do you think
full grill or
single gold tooth perhaps with a stone in it?