Saturday, July 25, 2009

* fishy fishy *

i love this photo...
his face says it all huh?!?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

*** cupcake lady?? ***

****CUPCAKES ****
yesterday was a cupcake day...
i had little miss ella for the afternoon... she thinks i should start a new business..
even invested in her idea by

purchasing & gifting me a beautiful cupcake book...
& yes ..
this is a design straight from the book ...
but being artists we took
some artistic license with them :) ..
~btw ...anyone know where to buy "runts"
they are a wonka candy?~

so with some licorice, skittles fabulous straw cookies
you like????
colman & ella co-cupcake designers
ok... down to art business... i am listing more items on etsy..
it is always
buy it now on etsy
gotta like that!
so check me out there too..
tangerine studio etsy store

just listed these cuties

just click image to check them out ..
both 6x6 cuties on canvas..$35 a piece..
what a smokin deal!!!!

hope you are having a fabulous week!
~ maggie ~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*** ugly cry ***

not so blood shot & puffy now..

so after what seems days of
crying.. crying
even super ugly crying
my eyes are back to normal.. .. or my face is .. i was a swollen
the funeral was saturday... i will miss hearing my sisters laugh..
talking to her daily but now she is with me in spirit
painting with me ......

so here are a couple of my latest commissions
sasha & sean...

cute huh?

~ maggie ~

Thursday, July 09, 2009

*** love love love ***

ok so i made it to the top 10
whooooooooo hoooo!
exciting huh?
but no ..we did not get selected for the wine label
maybe next year..
thanks sooo much for voting for me!!
i think this is going up for auction.. tonight
so if you are interested .. i could be yours!
this cutie is on now..
* fresh *
you know the drill
click to check it out
~ maggie ~