Tuesday, February 26, 2008

*i have a thing ..........

for dogs in hats...... up for grabs click here! *

really just a big softie ..... click here :)

today it is sunny ... :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

* sara bareilles *

hoooray... i got tickets to see sara bareilles... YIPPEE!!
it is already sold out & i'm so happy..
that is my mn happy for today :)

she was in mn a few months back ..
check out the video the city looks grey & freezing !!

i bought some spring flowers .. some bulbs & a jasmine vine..
i had a HUGE jasmine vine in my old garden.. it was amazing.. so i have a little one here ..
i have been looking to buy some bulbs that aren't already planted.... i guess that is silly .. so i am told ... i guess not available this time of year in MN??
i love to plant spring bulbs in terracotta pots for in my house..
i guess that isn't going to happen this year...
yeah right .. i'm going to get bulbs .. i will just order some online right?
there ..
another happy thing.....

and a song...


Friday, February 22, 2008

~ more new paintings ~



Thursday, February 21, 2008

~ more doggies ~

these two are currently up for grabs ... just click images to see auctions...

well i think it may just be warming up here in mn... it was a balmy 17 today.. much better than the -40 last week!!
it was a beautiful day tho..sometimes those super cold days are beautiful.. the sky is crisp & blue... i love that.....
that is my positive on mn for today
i really am trying to adapt ........
it is just taking some time..

enjoy the paintings

Friday, February 15, 2008

valentines day <3

sending love..... hope everyone had a terrific day!!

missing the glendale chocolate affair today... i love going there to celebrate chocolate on valentines day.. this year it was cold.. ( really cold ) & couple inches of new snow from overnight ..
so i decided i was going to make my favorite thing from the chocolate affair... the chocolate covered strawberries... ooooo yummo!!

so i gathered the chocolate..drove around to find big juicy red strawberries & i did it.. i made them ....
were they good ???
actually awesome!!
did it make me not miss arizona so much ???
.... well not so much still miss it ...
hoping it will warm up & things will be better here...

it has been busy so i haven't wrote much...we still have 2 houses here in mn & it really is a drag.. we are finishing off the basement in the other house to hopefully recoup a little money... maybe 3 times will be the charm & a buyers financing will actually go through!
keep your fingers crossed!!

sir herbie had his first birthday last month..
he was so funny... his brother sammy sent him treats along with & this funny musical birthday cake .... the dooof LOOOOOVES this cake...... check him out ...
i hear the music playing at random times throughout the day ...
big thank you to sammie & his ma chef lisa the soup goddess....... we love you guys!!

a big happy birthday to sammy & pete from herbie!!


~ animals animals animals ~

***** all currently for sale... click titles to find auction *******

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

up for grabs......

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bid early ...