Monday, November 09, 2009

** halloween **

hoping everyone had a super spooktacular halloween!!
fun fun fun???
i sure hope so!!
i just love halloween!!
you may remember last year i was my fairy godmother ..
this year ..
i actually was without my baby bird..
my colman flew free from the nest that evening
to trick-or-treat with his friends..
which lead to a sleepover ..
which left me
missing trick-o-treating with him..
i know i know
the kid IS 12..
but he is
the oldest ..
the youngest
the middle ..
my only child ...
i'm missing the trick-o-treating already....
love the sound in his voice when he calls giggling throughout the night
his silly 12 year old boy halloween stories with me!

had a few nieces over to play a couple days before the holiday ...
we decorated a gingerbread haunted house..
had a heck of a time trying to get the walls to stay together
i don't like the kind you have to assemble..
look for pre-assembled gingerbread houses..
it will save you a lot of headaches unless you are like me
& we all just decorated the walls and roof un-assembled!!
and of course we played with my costumes!

enjoy fall!!

~ maggie ~