Friday, October 31, 2008

*** happy halloween!!!!!!! ***

scary huh??
i think my brother almost shit himself when i can floating down the stairs looking so absolutely fabulous!! he was concerned that that was indeed my forehead ... nooooo it's not.. it's wig.. glasses are attached too .. oooh i love this wig.. i found it when i was out with my sister on thursday... we couldn't stop laughing ... we had to have it! i added the wings .. the daisy barrette & decided this is what my guardian angel looks like so i was her angel for halloween :)

colman was a cannon..
my dad's costume.. he was a human cannonball one year

mel was their black cat jade....

she wasn't going to dress up
i did mention that if she wasn't in costume i have plenty & i will dress her
when she got to my house...
she showed up in costume
then we had a beautiful princess & a kitten

how fun..
my brother didn't dress up
but he played scared good ...

the dogs didn't dress up this year but bing the cat decided to be a rooster..

hope you had a blast last night!!

enjoy enjoy!

~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

love* love8 LOVE8 the pictures- esecially your costume- how perfectly adorable!!! will you be my fairy godmother??

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

bibbidi bobbidi BOO!!
of course i will sandy<3

Allison said...

Love the costumes - all of them. Good thing Mel chose her own, otherwise she would have looked outrageous relying on your wild and crazy (albeit perfect) costumes. Looks like a happy halloween. Allison

Sydney said...

love the cat's sense of humor to dress like a bird...... or is it yours? yes!

I think that's your house. I love it. WHat I don't know is what town you moved back to... can you tell me?

Sydney said...

BTW, love it that your fairy godmother looks like that. She rocks and I want to share her please!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe send her twin sistah.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

sydney my cat bing has very dry humor.. look at that expression.. like it's just another day in a bird outfit

yes that is my house.. i moved from phoenix to minneapolis ...
went from tile floors & plaster walls to wood wood wood :)

i had so much fun reading your new york to houston blog this morning..

i will share me fairy with you :)
she'd pretty cool huh?!!!

nollyposh said...

Lol! Lol! Lol! x