Thursday, October 30, 2008

i love halloween

guess which one is me ??


sandy said...

Are you the cutie in pink?
I'm going to post my Halloween stuff tonight too, as I'll be out and about tomorrow nite. Happy Halloween Sweet Pea!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

your so smart.. yes i'm pinkie

happy hallo- weeenie to you too!

Melissa said...

I was torn...but now I know you're 'the cutie in pink."
Aw, how cute. Those were the days when we could pilage the neighborhood of all its goodies! Love the look of 'old' photos. Takes me back to those cool 70's. What a rockin' carpet going on there! :)

~Pixie Dust~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

ha ha you guessed too melissa!
i just love the old photo look too..
i found his in the stash of photos my dad had boxes & boxes of...
so fun..
glad you enjoyed!!