Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~*~ day dream believer ~*~

i was daydreaming

come to think of it
i spend a lot of time
in la la land!!

i hope you schedule a few daydreams in your week!!
you deserve it!!
available here
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

** good morning bright eyes!! **

some days it's wonderful to wake-up
start the
day ....
others days it's such a drag..........

both available

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

*** it's a 2fer ****

yes 2 paintings
to blog today

i love when that happens!

i do other breeds
just sometimes get side tracked by my 2 muses!!
shoot me an email or just comment
ok this is up for grabs
enjoy spring!!

~ maggie ~

** we all SCREAM for ICE CREAM ***

nothing like
peanut butter milkbone
& of course
a cherry!!

you know the drill
~ maggie ~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*** everyone has a teddy bear right? ***

for herbie it started from birth..
he snuggled a little squirrel
this little fluffy squirrel came along with him
the day i brought him home..
as my friend & breeder joanne said
"it's his transitional toy "
you may ask
does he still have it??
why yes he does!! but today as i type this ..
it is tucked away is herbies secret spot for special furry fellows
he has several buddies
a crazy gorilla named
2 very sing-songy calliope sounding bunny & monkey
jack & joe
a squeaky polar bear..a teddy bear with one leg
a giant honking strawberry named dewberry!
& that's just to name a few!

most of his buddies are a mess..
he sneaks them outside..they have seen rain snow you name it
but the love ..
the unconditional love & comfort
they provide him
he them

i hope you & your furry friends
have found that unconditional love!
** unconditional love **
you know the drill
available here
~ maggie ~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

** the play group **

*** the play group ***
we don't discriminate

hope your enjoying your

~ maggie ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

*** the snoooooooze ***

*** the snooooooooze ***
it's a tight squeeze
but an awesome snooooze
in the love seat!!

you know the drill
available here
enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

** a loyal write off ***
We all know there are only two sure things in life: Dogs and taxes. Or something like that. With only a few days left until the deadline for filing your taxes for 2009, you may want to consider whether your dog can be a deduction.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

*** i'll drive ***

it's that time of year again..
windows down..
music high..
herbie & ruby
wishing for the front seat ..
open windows..
wind in their faces..
dog heaven
i can finally trust herbie..
to control himself in the front seat..
i do have a doggie car divider
since past seasons he would
switch gears..turn on wipers..lights..
switch radio station ..
of course dig through my garbage!
all off course when he was left for 2 seconds alone in the car!!
i think he is to big now..
he most often in sitting with his butt on passenger seat front paws on the
super cute!
but poor miss ruby wants shot gun too so
more often than not it is a treat..
an outing alone with me ..
they both sit in back so there is no whiners!!
my brother has a new dog..
little macaroni
mac for short
named by little ella.. she is 5 1/2
have to add that half or she would
be disappointed in me
you remember how important that half was when you were 5!
well we visited mac the other day..
he had no idea how to play with a big furry herbie
the only thing he could sorta grip was
herbies legs!!
mac is a black lab mix...
takes off like a rocket!!
here is mr mac

of course he is enjoying spring...
he can take off faster in the grass than the snow!!

i also added another one of my favorite trees..
the gumdrop tree ..
i see it in my dreams.. we picnic here.. on the hill..
day or night
it's magical

all the paintings are available..
just click here
to go to shop
click individual images to take you directly to item

may you have a wonderful
spring weekend whether in the garden..hanging out car window
on a gumdrop tree hillside!

enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~