Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*** everyone has a teddy bear right? ***

for herbie it started from birth..
he snuggled a little squirrel
this little fluffy squirrel came along with him
the day i brought him home..
as my friend & breeder joanne said
"it's his transitional toy "
you may ask
does he still have it??
why yes he does!! but today as i type this ..
it is tucked away is herbies secret spot for special furry fellows
he has several buddies
a crazy gorilla named
2 very sing-songy calliope sounding bunny & monkey
jack & joe
a squeaky polar bear..a teddy bear with one leg
a giant honking strawberry named dewberry!
& that's just to name a few!

most of his buddies are a mess..
he sneaks them outside..they have seen rain snow you name it
but the love ..
the unconditional love & comfort
they provide him
he them

i hope you & your furry friends
have found that unconditional love!
** unconditional love **
you know the drill
available here
~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Herbie, I still have my first plush, purple snake. You have some neat toys. We both take good care of our special things.

Love, Gwaycee
PS I am now 2