Friday, October 31, 2008

*** happy halloween!!!!!!! ***

scary huh??
i think my brother almost shit himself when i can floating down the stairs looking so absolutely fabulous!! he was concerned that that was indeed my forehead ... nooooo it's not.. it's wig.. glasses are attached too .. oooh i love this wig.. i found it when i was out with my sister on thursday... we couldn't stop laughing ... we had to have it! i added the wings .. the daisy barrette & decided this is what my guardian angel looks like so i was her angel for halloween :)

colman was a cannon..
my dad's costume.. he was a human cannonball one year

mel was their black cat jade....

she wasn't going to dress up
i did mention that if she wasn't in costume i have plenty & i will dress her
when she got to my house...
she showed up in costume
then we had a beautiful princess & a kitten

how fun..
my brother didn't dress up
but he played scared good ...

the dogs didn't dress up this year but bing the cat decided to be a rooster..

hope you had a blast last night!!

enjoy enjoy!

~ maggie ~

*** the house sold ****

we closed on that other damn house today!!!!!!!!

soooo happy ..
getting ready to trick or treat with the kids..
i'm my guardian angel ..

more later
~ maggie ~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

i love halloween

guess which one is me ??

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*** everyone is motivated by something ***

isn't that the truth?
maybe the skinny side of the closet... the desire to toss your spanxs... a bathing suit.. age ... opposite sex ..
maybe same sex, you float your own boat :)
most important health & it's good for you!

me many many things motivate me but as my treadmill reminds me daily ...
it should say totally in love with!!
serious i even have made homemade marshmallows!

ok i ran out & grabbed a few canvases ..
still waiting on my big box of canvases ..
& i was done
painting livingroon
here we go
you know the drill

**** first snow ****

i totally have snow on my mind since the flurries the other day!

enjoy enjoy!
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*** i did it !! ***

i cut it .. my hair that is.. several inches of yucky colored hair..

opps i'm slouching ..
here's another...

what do you think??

i am still waiting waiting waiting for canvases..
hang in there with me!!

~ maggie ~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

** ok just shoot me ***

if you look closely.. you can click photo to enlarge image... you will see..

it snowed
fluffy white flakes
i'm so not ready for snow..


Saturday, October 25, 2008

*** special cake decorations ***

it was my brothers birthday
hooray !!
so his darling girls came over for a sleep over last night...
we made a cake
my all time favorite
angel food with a fresh orange icing so thick it
could be confused for frosting!
my grandma made this cake
she made pies & cookies & you name it she made it
yes even watermelon pickles!
when she passed away i was the one who asked & received her
magic rolling pin
square angle food pan....
totally fabulous i know..
& so
i baked the square cake & prepared the frosting ..
the girls arrived & they frosted & decorated ..
every sprinkle & cake decoration i had in my
baking box went on to this cake!!
i'm sure it tastes

hope you are having a good weekend..
i am waiting for a large box of canvases to arrive..
i'm all out of canvases!!
while i wait i am
trying to finish painting my living room ..
i am determined to lighten up the colors in this house..
i love love
color but the long gloomy winters here as just a drag..
so i am going to get this done!!
the room has dark wood crown moldings & heavy dark beamed ceiling..
ugly stained creamy & dark green wallpaper..
remember this is a 1903 home
removed paper..
painted walls
a cool blue..
the pain is painting the dark trim ..
the windows especially are a major
i am going white trim .. yes white..
3 dogs a cat a son & a messy
husband & white trim..
wish me luck!

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*** my pumpkin ***

ok people .. i know you all have been waiting to see my pumpkin..
the biggest
pumpkin ever!!
well you may recall i was unsure as to what the hell i was growing
was it a pumpkin??
maybe a watermelon
all wrong
the only thing right about my guess was it
is the largest
yep the biggest piece of candy corn in the world!!!

amazing huh?
totally worth the wait ..
enough to share !!

it has been cold.. i couldn't sleep last night.. i put the dogs out & there was frost
on the grass !!
almost all the leaves have fallen from the trees.. my favorite tree the
big sugar maple is almost naked!

i had 2 visits with 2 of my favorite little fairies
audrey & ella..
always ready to play with clay ..we made magic wands ..
i wish i had photo.. i forgot & well...
colman & i made clay eyeballs for our halloween wreath..

we will make a sign..maybe it will say
~ i see you ~
~ all eyes on you ~

any ideas??
with boys you make eyeballs ..
with girls wands & crowns
it was a blast...

well here are the latest

*** sunshine ***

*** making wishes ***

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

Friday, October 17, 2008

*** busy busy busy ***

oh sooo busy ...
but that's good right..
i would do crazy things if i wasn't busy ..
maybe cut my hair super duper short
just because i was bored & decided to cut my own hair...
i love to cut hair
i have a shit tzu .. little lulu .. i cut her hair ..
usually that satisfies

here are the latest up for grabs...
sandy the pumpkin is wonderful; i will add photos tomorrow..
colman had the whole week off school so i have been busy busy
enjoy the latest!!

*** let it snow ***

*** why the long face ***

*** a jewel tone day ***

later gaters
~ maggie ~
did i tell you i went to see kathy griffin last week???

Monday, October 13, 2008

* red leaves candy corn & pumpkin cookies *

ok so the world is going to hell in a handbasket eh??
i can hardly stand it .. i would love to turn off the tv &
just ignore it all but so much of it effects me.. my husband is laid-off &
we own a second home..
not by choice...
so i have been trying to keep all my energy positive ..
which is difficult.. but actually not as difficult as
i expected ...

i visited my dad yesterday with colman ..
sprinkled red leaves from my tree around his headstone..
ate pumpkin cookies & candy corn..
made wishes ..
hope they all come true......

a few paintings up for grabs...

*** the smiling garden **

** pretty in pink **

*** a silly smiling angel ***

click image or title to bid..
but most of all
~ maggie ~