Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*** everyone is motivated by something ***

isn't that the truth?
maybe the skinny side of the closet... the desire to toss your spanxs... a bathing suit.. age ... opposite sex ..
maybe same sex, you float your own boat :)
most important health & it's good for you!

me many many things motivate me but as my treadmill reminds me daily ...
it should say totally in love with!!
serious i even have made homemade marshmallows!

ok i ran out & grabbed a few canvases ..
still waiting on my big box of canvases ..
& i was done
painting livingroon
here we go
you know the drill

**** first snow ****

i totally have snow on my mind since the flurries the other day!

enjoy enjoy!
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

Motivation to me now is thought with no doubt. I am totally focusing on one step forward.
home made marshmallows?? Mmmmmm.... I wish I was motivated by exercise. Not even a little. Maybe if we set a date for our island excursion, I would be motivated to get healthy, drop the extra weight, do a little exercise. Yeah, who am I kidding. How can I be so productive in one area, and so NOT in another? Help me Maggie!!!

Melissa said...

Marshmallows - I have a kit to make home made ones, haven't done it yet though. But tis the season to bake and make.

That puppy is heart-warming!

We had a few flakes the other night.