Saturday, October 25, 2008

*** special cake decorations ***

it was my brothers birthday
hooray !!
so his darling girls came over for a sleep over last night...
we made a cake
my all time favorite
angel food with a fresh orange icing so thick it
could be confused for frosting!
my grandma made this cake
she made pies & cookies & you name it she made it
yes even watermelon pickles!
when she passed away i was the one who asked & received her
magic rolling pin
square angle food pan....
totally fabulous i know..
& so
i baked the square cake & prepared the frosting ..
the girls arrived & they frosted & decorated ..
every sprinkle & cake decoration i had in my
baking box went on to this cake!!
i'm sure it tastes

hope you are having a good weekend..
i am waiting for a large box of canvases to arrive..
i'm all out of canvases!!
while i wait i am
trying to finish painting my living room ..
i am determined to lighten up the colors in this house..
i love love
color but the long gloomy winters here as just a drag..
so i am going to get this done!!
the room has dark wood crown moldings & heavy dark beamed ceiling..
ugly stained creamy & dark green wallpaper..
remember this is a 1903 home
removed paper..
painted walls
a cool blue..
the pain is painting the dark trim ..
the windows especially are a major
i am going white trim .. yes white..
3 dogs a cat a son & a messy
husband & white trim..
wish me luck!

enjoy enjoy!!
~ maggie ~

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Anonymous said...

first, thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Love You!
Your cake looks marvelous. I didnt know they made square angel food cake pans. I've always made it bundt style. I want a square pan too! The frosting sounds wonderful- Any chance I can get that family recipe?
No more canvases...... yikes. You've been busy. And taking on a room as big as your livingroom. Kudo's to you.
We MUST believe in that tropical island getaway. I know by Jan/Feb we are going to really need it. I am getting too old for this damp cold weather. Ewww....
I worked diligently on my Indigo Goddess Arts flier last night. I think I'm going to put some up later today! YaY! I have 2 weeks to fill my 2 classes. Cross your fingers.
talk to you soon. Get on IM, it's loads of fun. Did I send you an invite? Once you have it, when you log on, if I'm on, a green light is lit. Then we just start chatting live. FuN FuN fUn