Friday, January 29, 2010

*** faith fairy ***

the faith fairy ...
faith in
your soul
do you have a little faith fairy??
i do ...
available on etsy ...
~ maggie ~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

*** looky looky ***

i made doors for your favorite little nymph.. gnome...faerie or pixie!
me ...
i have a donut fairy ... i told you about her/him remember?

how lucky am i?!?!?!
yes i know... !!
you may have one.. you never know... have you looked..?
dreamed .?. believed ...? imagined ... ?
have you been open to the possibilities that they are there.. ?
maybe they would like a door to keep the draft out??
huh? yes a door would be nice right?? .. i know i love my front door!!
here in MN it can get very drafty.. cold .. miserable!!
so we agree a door is a wonderful thing!!
i made one last year for a friend...

she has had sooo many
visitors admiring it.. she lives on a golf course.. i think she has a mulligan fairy!!

so i have been busy building ..
i made one that looks like a ladybug house
for your lovely ladybug fairy

excuse the furry fringed photo..
herbie decided he had to walk past when i took this photo!
ok new photo
:) no furry fringe!

small plaque on door frame reads
~ simplify everything ~
charms & beads on the door read
~ be free ~
~ trust in your dreams ~
i know .

i wood-burned the dark circles
i love to use that tool..
if you dont have one...
ooooo think about it
sooooo fun!!
anyways ..
i also made this door..
it has a spanish flare to it
don't you think?

maybe your taco fairy? tequila gnome!? or
you will love this
your little spicy
amor pixie!!
she comes out and sprinkles love dust your way!!
now if you ask me .. it is a very good thing to
pamper your spicy amor pixie!!!
this one has a plaque over the door that reads
~ love is patient ~
and silver charms that read
~ follow your heart ~
~ love life live life ~
adorned the door frame with small silver cabochons ..
i scrolled the front door with my
wood burning tool
for a little flare!

turned out terrific..
i'm sure she will appreciate my little added special touches..
and will pay it forward to you with extra love!

ladybug door & spicy amor door available in
my etsy shop
and guess what?
they all open!!
yep .. they do ..
hard to find ones that open i made them

click here

or image to direct you!

i have another..
i will show you tomorrow..
i'm a little sleepy tonight
so good night

~ maggie ~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

**** finished ****

ok ... said i was working on it .. hoping to finish .. & i stayed up all night and
i finished
wood block love
stack... hang .. display in a collection or alone..
always fabulous..
available on ebay now..
etsy later today..
i need to get some sleep
so check this afternoon
~ maggie ~

Monday, January 11, 2010

** just another day with bing and lulu **

day after day
afternoons are spent cuddling up in bed...
lulu in her favorite sequin dress from ella & audrey..
thank you girls she loves it!!!
mr bing... shielding his face from the light....
what a life huh?

i'm working on some new things over here...
more mounted prints...
very cute
hope to show you soon ...maybe tonight if i finish...
so i best get at it huh?

i hope the new year has brought you
a fresh beginning... lessons learned ... forgiveness
fluffy pillows ...clean sheets and a yummy donut!

you know where to find me
~ maggie ~

Saturday, January 02, 2010

**** happy new year ****

can you believe it
is finally here!!!!
it seemed like this year would never end...

it will be a positive year of
good things..change

maybe even a kiss in 2010 from someone besides my dogs!!

not that i don't like wet sloppy kisses from my dogs but you get the drift

special love going out to my favorite old man marley
another story from jan 2 2009 with mr marley
he crossed the bridge at 15-16 yrs old along with monkey the cat ....
one of my favorite persons 2 amazing bernese mountain dogs ...
windy & DD
within 2 weeks of each other
at young ages ..both with cancer..
heart breaking..
sending love

~ maggie ~