Friday, January 02, 2009

***~* enjoy the show ***~*

yep that is what i am going to continue to do this year..
i learned so much last year ..
i had a full plate of lessons to be learned
i was getting it dished out as fast as i could choke it down!!
i had such an unbelievably rotten year ...
things that i had absolutely no control over...
i made it in one piece .....
like to think maybe i'm even a bit wiser for the whole rotten year ....
so with that said...
maybe it wasn't that bad ?
maybe i'm stronger than i thought?
maybe all rotten lessons learned?

here are my favorite labs...
first forest he is such a lover
it grosses out his folks
.. i let him kiss me..
i find him irresistible!!
next is marley
the cutest grumpy old farty pants ever..
he likes to howl...
look at him goooooo!
soo cute huh?

ok one more thing..
pine nuts.. you eat pine nuts?
i discovered pine nuts ..
well i didn't...
i had them at marley & forests house..
their mommie discovered them & shared with me
she's nice like that..

i love them on my salad..
what else can i put them on?
do tell!


happy new year!!!
may all your
lessons be learned so you don't have any rotten do-overs!



Anonymous said...

here's to an awesome 2009! those dogs of yours are too cute. and did you say"enjoy the snow"? oh, show... cause i was thinking Cabo San Lucas.........

Melissa said...

Mmmmm pine nuts. I like them on salad too. Haven't had them for awhile though.

You are stronger. You are wiser. You are 'better' for going through what you did. My wish for your 2009 - a lovely sweet smelling bubble to float around in that doesn't pop all year!!

Those puppies are super cute! Hhhoooooowwwwwllllll! I love animals. We visit the next door neighbors dogs sometimes and they get so excited to see us. It's heart warming.

~Smooch'y Poochy~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

ooooooo cabo!!

ooooh melissa .. i love that bubble for you to!!

say hi to the neighbors dogs from me..
& purrr at your kitties for me too!!

Mel said...

OMG, we are cracking up over here! What great pics...what a HOOT!!! LOVE Marley howling :) with his little old man pucker!

Thanks for sharing and making a story of them! The girls think Mar & Fo are celebrities now!

PS: Pine nuts are really good in rice dishes and mashed potatoes too ;) Toast them first in a pan to bring out their nutty flavor and save your tummy.