Sunday, January 18, 2009

*** countdown to TWO ***

yep in just a couple days ..
herbie will be 2
this is obviously a mug shot..
this day he ate the gingerbread house..
really he did..

when i wasn't looking i heard him ..
he laughed
little shit
i hurried around to snap a quick shot..
this is what i captured
well this & a few kisses ...

he is my favorite counter surfer..
currently out on bail


sandy said...

so Herbie has a sweet tooth,ey?
he is very handsome. I love the baby picture. How they grow!!! how's the weather?? i kno, i kno......

nollyposh said...

Lol! Our family samoyed (When i was in my early 20's) ate a GIGANTIC CHOCOLATE EASTER EGG (1/2 the size of a man! i'm talking BIG! Shouldn't he have been dead!?!) Not Sammy... We got that very same mug shot lOOk only and i'm sure he was saying "Waaaaa Me??? (Cast iron stomach that dog... could eat ANYTHING!) Only he pooped like a horse! Of course! and i should know as i was the nominated family pOOp scOOper!

Sydney said...

These are cute -- and the first one tells me a lot about the pictures you paint and post here.

Are you making him a doggie cake? My sister has parties for hers... She's a boxer lover and has had up to 8 at a time but right now only has two.

I seem to have no extra time for things lately so I am NOT watching teen Idol. But I have watched soooo much bad TV in the last several years.

Melissa said...

Aw Hi Herbie! What a very adore'able naughty boy! Cats aren't any better. The other day my daughter left some chicken out...Rowan was up there licking it. They are so lucky they're as cute as they are and that we're patient and loving peeps.


Saint Lover said...

Sounds like he has been taking lessons from Rufus! He gets an A+ from his teacher, Mr Rufus.