Sunday, January 11, 2009

*** bonus post ****

yes a bonus!!
a fogo
... like bogo but it's free so fogo?!?!?!!


my dog herbie is
can you believe it?

he was just a dopey little boy ...
who miss ruby dreamt of..
she wanted a little buddy ...
so we tell her herbie is hers...

can you even believe how little he was!!!!!
he is bigger that ruby..

well i will add more baby photos in the upcoming days ...
his brother sammie sent him a gift today ..
i hid it away for herbies big day


Anonymous said...

how absolutely adorable...... they are so precious!!!
thanks for the fogo... dont think i've ever had one- lol

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Herbie you were such a cutie pie puppy. I don't mind if you are still a "dopey" boy. My Mom thinks I am dopey at times. Nice that Ruby looks out for you. Birthdays are fun.

Woofs and wags--your girl, Gwaycee