Tuesday, January 06, 2009

** bunny & guinea love *

so i have this thing...
for animals .. if you haven't noticed!!
especially little furry rescue critters...
above is me & my little rescue bunny easter
guinea pig... cutie-pie :)
cutie-pie was a sorta preschool class rescue..
a classmates of colmans was bored with it.. so i said it could live with
the bunny.. from the human society.. sooooo sweet ..
it lived both inside & outside..
our little lulu the shih tzu loved both easter & cutie...
above is lulu napping in the porch with easter...
& playing in the kitchen
even batman loved easter!
then easter died.. next to miss lulu .. it was heartbreaking..
shortly after cutie passed..
broken heart maybe..
i was really worried about lulu now..
so in hopped greta & gadsby!
from a bunny rescue.. sweet things ..
even the cat liked them!
we had the 2 of them for years ..
they died of old age...
i love a fluffy critter!
~ maggie ~


sandy said...

what a wonderful thing for you to give these precious animals a home full of love and companionship. you are the best! love you!! xoxoxoxo

Melissa said...

Aw, you have a grand heart! I adore animals too. Thanks for sharing their spirits with us!

~Fuzzy Bunnies and Guineas too~

Saint Lover said...

awe they are so cute. I had buns and guineas when I was a kid. My son is extremely allergic to guineas so we cant have them.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

oh i know they are so sweet...

they are the ones that fill the house with love..i'm just lucky i live in the house!!!

i'm so sorry your son is allergic..
guineas are so fun!

Sydney said...

How lucky they are to have a loving home and how lucky are you to have these soft, fluffy bundles come in to yours. I work at the wildlife rehab and everyone so appreciates the LARGE hearted people who give them a home. I love the top pic of you with the easter bunnies!

My husband and I are both TERRIBLY allergic to bunnies though. We can't be near them for a few minutes without going into serious coughing etc. It's so odd.