Saturday, April 26, 2008

* i woke up to snow today *

yes.. snow today
april 26th...
am i crazy
or is this just waaaaaay wrong???

perhaps both

Thursday, April 24, 2008

well it has been sunny & wonderful the last couple days so i haven't had a chance to write & bitch about the weather :)


but it rained all day today ..
it is supper foggy out now...
sorta spooky...

i just bought our star wars exhibit tickets ... my 10 year old is so excited... he is a star wars junkie..
who isn't right?

ok ..
so painting s up for grabs ...
may flowers

in the limelight

easily amused
swissy love

pug one & pug two

click title or image
~ maggie ~

Sunday, April 20, 2008

~*~ dog wash/car wash ~*~

coin operated heaven..

yes it is true..
a car wash dog wash... I LOVE IT!!!!
it is the most genis thing i have seen in a while..
& oh soooo convenient ..
to think i won't have a dripping wet.. shaking ..
prancing ..jumping dog prancing through my house... no more gobs of wet black hair
clogging the drain.. stinking to the walls ...
those days..
looooong gone :)

ruby was the guinea pig for this adventure.. herbie has longer curlier hair ..
he waited in the car.. he did get a ride outta the deal so he was thrilled ....

so we start by walking up the ramp..

despite the expression she actually loved the rinse shampoo & condition ..
then we stand as i try to dry her hair .. ok this is taking forever at 25cents a minute..
we bail out at $10 ... shorter haired dogs would be dry by now...
she was so happy...
light on her feet ... smiling ....
ruby the beauty queen was feeling beautiful!
check out her body language with herbie ..
she smiles at me ...
herbie watches ...
she makes sure he is watching
then herbie gives me the look..
paws out .. big eyed ..
so yes herbie gets a bath this week

Thursday, April 17, 2008

**** it's almost gone!!! ****

i can't believe it ... the snow has almost all melted!!
that thought absolutely thrills me.. this has been a very loooong winter..
i am far to wrapped up with weather...
i loved having everyday sunny..
it is so bizarre to think it may rain.. there may be snow.. it could be freezing...
i was so spoiled in az... it was hot from june to sept ..
but here i do get to wear seasonal clothes ... which is fun..
i love to wear scarves..

anyway today .. snow melted .. but ... it was gray outside..
sorta stinky
i noticed a hillside of bulb buds poking up through the leaves i never got raked in the fall ..
so i
did alot of uncovering.. i'm talking a hillside.. at least 200 bulbs!!
it's exciting to think of what type of flowers it is .. i will take photos...

we have a rock driveway so we had it plowed .. now all the rocks are either pushed to the side into the grass.... or at the end of the driveway..
how disappointing it was to find out my big pile of snow was all the rocks from my drive covered in a couple inches of snow!!
i have started to rake the rocks back on to the drive.. it is a muddy mess out there!!

ok enough from me ..
here is the beauty queen
ruby my bernese is the model for this...

come fly with me ..
i love the dachshund ears :)
just the look of a dogs ears flopping around as they sit enjoying the wind
it's one of my favorite things...

you know the drill
click image or title to bid..
enjoy enjoy!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

*** SPRING ???????? ****

maybe ... the view from my window was VERY good today..
let's see if i can find yesterdays view here ya go... look that snow is melting!!! ...
i really hope it's spring.. i really don't think i can do another round of snow!
i know i know i sound like a baby... i'm not.. just tired of snow.... & rain ... & ice ...

i am waaaaay behind on posting paintings
so here is a quick run through.. click images for auctions...

enjoy enjoy !!

Friday, April 11, 2008

***** april snow showers *****

oh yes .. more snow!! just when i thought it may just be spring & all the snow in the yard had melted..
i was wrong ...
i just couldn't muscle up the energy to make my snow tulips ..
i am swamped tomorrow but if it's still there sunday..
i will!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

~ ugh more rain ~

snow is in the forecast...
if it snows i will sculpt some snow tulips for my garden ...along with a snow gardener!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

* sitting on the steps *

yep.. that's herbie..
he likes to sit like this..
strange huh??
but he's sooo cute!!
......... my muse ...

he's up for grabs... * my clown *
so are these guys :)

english bulldog * love at first site *

and sweet french bulldog... * waiting for you *

click image or title to find auction...

Monday, April 07, 2008

* natures quote *

oh how perfect ..
on this gloomy
wet ..
snowy ..
( yes it started off snowing .. you can see snow falling if you look carefully )

day to have this wonderful quote...

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
e. e. cummings

i actually made a plaque a few months back that said that ..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

** rain rain go away **

how totally gloomy huh? & to think just last week we had ooodles of snow......
is it finally spring??????

feels like spring!!
it's up for grabs.. click image..
~ maggie ~

Friday, April 04, 2008

* Jack Russell *

weeeeeeeee jack & spring have sprung :)
well .. jack is always springing around right?
hyper little guys aren't they?

well i of course am behind at posting my auctions .. so i am playing catch-up starting with
jack ........
just click images to go the auctions ..

there is cookie ... the maltese...

a little golden love.....
oh boy... modeled by my doofy herbie...
saints make the best friends ..
sunny days...

or you can just click here is see all the auctions ..
easy huh?

enjoy enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

* famous flakes *

i subscribe to daily candy... i love them... check out todays amazing email!!!

April 1, 2008

Skin City
skin collector!

The Cult of Celebrity has its prayer books (Us Weekly), rites (Red Carpet), miracles (Alec Baldwin’s career), and disciples (Perez).

All that’s missing are the sacred relics.

Behold FamousFlakes, a pop-up biotique offering beautifully packaged vials of your favorite celeb’s skin and hair.

Founder Charles Remarque acquires the goods through a vast network of hotel housekeepers, aestheticians, surgeons, and a few celebrities themselves. Microdot arrays confirm genetic authenticity (and everything comes with a certificate of proof).

There are hundreds to choose from: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mike Bloomberg, Courtney Love. James Frey devotees can get a Billion Little Pieces in a vacuum-sealed cruet (Remarque swears it’s real); Bono voluntarily exfoliated himself and markets the slough under the Product (Red) line. Parker Posey and ChloĆ« Sevigny are in the works.

Remarque will even bottle your flakes for a fee.

After all, skin sells.

For more information, go to By appointment.