Wednesday, April 09, 2008

* sitting on the steps *

yep.. that's herbie..
he likes to sit like this..
strange huh??
but he's sooo cute!!
......... my muse ...

he's up for grabs... * my clown *
so are these guys :)

english bulldog * love at first site *

and sweet french bulldog... * waiting for you *

click image or title to find auction...


Chelsea said...

Maggie--I love the doggie art!!!!!! I'm working on a piece of my greyhound right now. He's pretty darn cute.
I love how your doggie is sitting on the stairs, so darn cute!!!!!

oh, and by the way, I see (well hear) that you've got Sera B playing on your blog--she's great. I saw her at the varsity about 6 months ago before Love Song started getting a lot of air play--she's SOOOOO sweet! She signed a bunch of stuff for me.

~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...
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