Sunday, April 20, 2008

~*~ dog wash/car wash ~*~

coin operated heaven..

yes it is true..
a car wash dog wash... I LOVE IT!!!!
it is the most genis thing i have seen in a while..
& oh soooo convenient ..
to think i won't have a dripping wet.. shaking ..
prancing ..jumping dog prancing through my house... no more gobs of wet black hair
clogging the drain.. stinking to the walls ...
those days..
looooong gone :)

ruby was the guinea pig for this adventure.. herbie has longer curlier hair ..
he waited in the car.. he did get a ride outta the deal so he was thrilled ....

so we start by walking up the ramp..

despite the expression she actually loved the rinse shampoo & condition ..
then we stand as i try to dry her hair .. ok this is taking forever at 25cents a minute..
we bail out at $10 ... shorter haired dogs would be dry by now...
she was so happy...
light on her feet ... smiling ....
ruby the beauty queen was feeling beautiful!
check out her body language with herbie ..
she smiles at me ...
herbie watches ...
she makes sure he is watching
then herbie gives me the look..
paws out .. big eyed ..
so yes herbie gets a bath this week

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