Monday, April 27, 2009

*** the mermaid ***

i am not a mermaid..
i really am not a fan of the water..
i pretend
i paddle around on a kayak...
or our paddle boat the " yeti"
will water ski
but i just am not thrilled
about it...
i love a hot spring..a jacuzzi
i'm not a mermaid
are you??
oh & yes i was right on the rain..
maybe i am a meteorologist
mermaid is up for to bid

~ enjoy! ~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

so today is sorta deary... i think the rain is coming..
not sure ..
i'm alot of things good & bad ..
but one thing i am not is a meteorologist ...
i am always caught without an umbrella.. gloves.. sunblock...
so we will see .. but i'm thinking ..
i'll let ya know what happens
until then enjoy the viking
( up for grabs just click to bid )

~ maggie ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oooo today it was a beautiful day...!!
keep it coming mother earth... i loved it today!!!
thank you!
ok you know the to bid & enlarge :)
** "where we going???" **
* * it was a glorious day **

hope it was a beautiful earth day in your neck of the woods!
~ maggie ~

Friday, April 17, 2009

** i love this **

susan boyle
i just LOVE it...

here are some of the commissions i have been working on

~ rusty ~
cute huh?
i did a tattoo
the lettering will be added ..
what is there was just a quick sample ..
it looks nice huh?
i will post photo as soon as i have one of the
actual tattoo on skin..
it will be on a shoulder.. to cover up a tattoo...
now the oktoberfest... for the bernese club in colorado..
i think i need to wait to show..
so hold tight!

it is finailly warming up & i am swamped in yard work!
i burnt out my leaf blower.. it started to smoke!!
so i have a new one & i also have most of the furniture moved from my porch so i can
enjoy my beautiful porch!!
i am so happy
can't wait for the lilacs to bloom
happy spring!
~ maggie ~

Monday, April 13, 2009

* back to the daily grind ;) *

i'm back ...
what an amazing trip to california!! we went on a family ski trip ..
me colman my niece alex & my nephews zac & brook...
with our hosts & complete ski dynamos scoot & allison ...
remember my brother "yukon cornelious" that's scoot
first night in LA dinner at titos ..
( just click photo to enlarge )
the next morning a little prom dress shopping ..
we found my niece the most BEAUTIFUL dress!!!! ..
while the boys hit the beach
then it was off to mammoth .. of course we stopped to climb around on heavy equipment
scoot is a geologist so we stopped by a job site..yes that is my price is right model pose :)

wouldn't you know it our first run down the mountain we found
"woolly " the mountain mascot!
(i'm far left )and the most amazing the top!!!
the is me in middle & yes i skied off the top!!!

and now i am home .. getting back into the swing of things..
hope you all had a fun easter.. i did .. & this year it didn't snow!!
yes last year it did...
here we are playing at the park..
can you find me?
that is my other brother jamie on the far left
& his lovely bride me photo right.. the rest of the photo my colman & sweet neices & nephew !!
what a fun day .. i know i'm lucky :)!!

ok commissions i have been working on..
i did another tshirt for the denver BMD club.. it is an
oktoberfest design... really cute but will post when i get the ok also info if anyone is interested ...
also a birthday present..
can't show that yet either or i will spoil the surprise..
i will post that in a couple days :)

enjoy enjoy &
keep those requests coming!
~ maggie ~