Monday, April 27, 2009

*** the mermaid ***

i am not a mermaid..
i really am not a fan of the water..
i pretend
i paddle around on a kayak...
or our paddle boat the " yeti"
will water ski
but i just am not thrilled
about it...
i love a hot spring..a jacuzzi
i'm not a mermaid
are you??
oh & yes i was right on the rain..
maybe i am a meteorologist
mermaid is up for to bid

~ enjoy! ~


nollyposh said...

Oh lol! But you still have *mermaid magic* in that paint brush! X;-)

Sydney said...

Oh these are great...

I feed them soft nuts like walnuts or pecans. I used to feed them almonds and I've bought "squirrel mix_ from the Petsmart which is corn and sunflower seeds but I've learned that they just want to hide hard nuts and things... the pecans and walnuts they eat right there.

Occasionally I will spread some peanut butter thinly on wheat bread and they will take their time eating that.

Lots of people toss them peanuts in shells (much cheaper) and they go for those. I haven't yet. Let me know how it goes!