Friday, May 01, 2009

*** my cat bing ***

so this is bing
my kitty
he is crazy
as most cats are right?
he has decided he will only go up & down
the 2 flights of stairs to
howl & moan in the middle of the night....
of course he prefers to live on the top floor..
he has a nice little set-up
has trained me to move the food to him
on the top floor..
the water
top floor..
but i refuse to move the litterbox...
no way
not gonna have it
it will stay in the laundry room
in the basement...
so he peed on the floor
i can't stand cat pee
so he was laughing at me..
i could tell
so i moved the litterbox to the top floor
i got the last laugh!!
bing now wears a fabulous bee cap
who's laughing now bing?

~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are way too funny, girl!!