Saturday, May 23, 2009

** perro marrón **

introducing a new lucha libre
a soon to be
wrestling super star
super hero
let's give a loud shout out
tooooooo ....

~*~ perro marrón ~*~

translation " brown dog "

i love a masked wrestler


ok what a week ..

5th grade band concert with colman

on baritone


he is the middle brassy horn in front of boy in white shirt

then last night we celebrated my niece audreys

6th birthday

here she is looking waaaay to grown up

wearing my glasses & talking on her Cinderella cell phone....

hope you had a terrific week ...

the weather here has been nice... i really need to get out there

& get working on the yard again ...

i have seeds many many seeds to plant

enjoy enjoy!


oh click painting or here to bid on

perro marrón


Kevin Phoenix said...

Sow the seeds of conversation and watch your blog flourish.


Allison said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Maggie HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!

Birthday wishes from Los Angeles...Hope you are having fun...

Allison and Tom

nollyposh said...

Cuties all... Super hero and niece X:-)