Sunday, June 29, 2008

* peonies,strawberries & star wars *

so my very talented green thumb cousin colie & her darling daughter paige invited colman & i strawberry picking at her co-workers strawberry patch... it was AMAZING!! colie spends the day walking these fields looking for diseased plants, monitoring growth, counting plants .. all kinds of stuff... it was beautiful there.. we also got permission to take cuttings from the peonies fields... it was so fun!

this is my car after our day with colie...
she left with a 5 gallon bucket of flowers & 2 flats of berries too!!

ok ... and so we haven't had the time to recover my lost star wars photos but here are 2 ...

hopefully we will recover the lost ones!!

i have a headache today so i am sketching in bed ..
hoping to feel better tomorrow...

did you see me in Alpenhorn magazine????
i will add link to pirate garb as soon as it is up & running..
the design looks terrific!!
here is link ..

sharon & the rockies club are wonderful!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

* bernese & lab *

forgot to post..
ending in a couple days..
click to bid

* beauty Queens birthday *

my beauty queen Hurray Ruby is 5
her birthday was the 24th...
we had butt rubs .. a meaty juicy bone..
of course we shared bones with herbie & lulu also
forest & marley & we have a bone all wrapped up & ready for our poo poo rocco..
we hope to see him this weekend.. his mom katie called & sang to ruby ..
promised a kiss from rocco..
ruby has been waiting on pins & needles.. she adores that big beauty!

marley is the oldest dog of the gang.. he is a 12-13 year old chocolate lab chessie mix..
he was soooo
thrilled with his bone.. he took it to the back yard & laid down & just barked ..
i thought for joy ..
my brother said he is old & nutts .. he interpreted what his old farty dog was saying for me

"hey don't look at my bone!"
"you over there ..don't look at my bone!"
"HEY quit looking..

that was hysterical.. the image of that nutty old man just barking at the wind was priceless

we also went to the star wars exhibit this week .. pretty cool star wars fans..
wookies.. original land speeder.. original costumes .. r2d2..c3po .. darth vader....
i would show photos but somehow in all the excitement my camera turned the
photos into an unrecognized file format?!?!?!?!
andy the computer wizard & great oz thinks he can recover things so cross
your fingers...

i went kayaking on weds... it was a blast.. i really would love a kayak...
colman & i went out exploring & there was a kayak rental so we went kayaking... we had been wanting to.. probably would have been nice to have had swimsuits on ..
but thats fine..
wet butts never hurt anyone...
saturday morning..
strawberry picking..
it is time
i can't wait!!!!
i will let you know how it goes..
until then i need to finish a few paintings tonight..
i just posted this one
you know the drill click to bid...

* nothing like a subtle hint *

i also finished this .. i will list it later & update links ..
so just click .. :)

* beagle snooze*

it has been hot & muggy... my new airconditoner is backordered.. it was supposed to be here today ..
in & installed.. so it is hot..
and it is raining outside..
this is what happens when it rains..
i have latte the guinea pig.. bing the cat .. herbie .. lulu is here just can't see her ..she is panting like crazy under my chair.. she is afraid of thunder...
ruby is downstairs still waiting at the door for rocco to come kiss her ..
either that or
for me to take that car ride junkie for another ride..
it is a toss up!
and of course colman ..
trying to eat a taco in peace..
yes he is on my bed..
with a taco..cheesy saucy hands
what can i say..
it is so hot & muggy i don't even care
& look at that smile...

enjoy enjoy!
oh & yes to those that emailed about my elf door ..
i am the maker of the little door

~ maggie ~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

* look what i found *

way way way in the back of my yard ..
in the trunk of an old walnut tree...

there is a door....
it opens ...

i don't know who lives there...

but i am thrilled!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


forever begging for a walk.. they come in all breeds!!

i'm in the alpenhorn!!

yep my artwork made Alpenhorn Magazine...

i'm trying to get my hands on one.. i think i just ordered one..
but if you see my art someplace let me know you saw it ..
& if you have the current Alpenhorn & want to trade it for a couple prints..
you have a deal!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

* did i tell you *

* herbie counter surfed half of my
birthday cake..
a 100% homemade angel food..
what a brat huh?
* i have found an elf door..
elf ... faerie a little door in a tree
in my yard
door is purple...
i will take photo....
* ruby's birthday is next week... :)

i did REALLY enjoy the farmers market
& plan on going again soon ..
going out to lunch & on a trolley ride in the morning.. sounds
like fun ...
had a picnic BBQ bombfire on sunday for fathers day
what fun!!
the weather has actually been nice..
amazing huh??

been busy painting ...
.. up for auction...
just click image to bid...

* catching some zzzzz's *

Saturday, June 07, 2008

schools out!!

remember how fun that was ..the last day of school...
the song from grease
you know the one
" schools out for summer "
keeps playing over & over in my head...
ha.. i will always loved that movie.. i even liked grease 2 ..
so i'm waking up early & going to the farmers market .. should be fun.. hoping to score some
yummy produce & some almonds.. the sugary roasted ones..
i love them but they tempt me to bite & i worry i may loss a crown!!
but i must have some... i must !!

so the garden is blooming.. here is a few shots.. i totally missed the lilacs.. man they came & left so fast.. bummer .. i love them ..
but here is the status of my mystery garden..
some still not blooming.. so take a guess.. & if you know what it is tell me!!
... just click image to enlarge photo...

~ maggie ~
new auctions listed..
you know the drill just click to bid...