Sunday, June 29, 2008

* peonies,strawberries & star wars *

so my very talented green thumb cousin colie & her darling daughter paige invited colman & i strawberry picking at her co-workers strawberry patch... it was AMAZING!! colie spends the day walking these fields looking for diseased plants, monitoring growth, counting plants .. all kinds of stuff... it was beautiful there.. we also got permission to take cuttings from the peonies fields... it was so fun!

this is my car after our day with colie...
she left with a 5 gallon bucket of flowers & 2 flats of berries too!!

ok ... and so we haven't had the time to recover my lost star wars photos but here are 2 ...

hopefully we will recover the lost ones!!

i have a headache today so i am sketching in bed ..
hoping to feel better tomorrow...

did you see me in Alpenhorn magazine????
i will add link to pirate garb as soon as it is up & running..
the design looks terrific!!
here is link ..

sharon & the rockies club are wonderful!!

1 comment:

turquoise cro said...

WowieeEEEE! Those peonies are gorgeous!!! and what a co-incidence! All I've been thinking about lately are strawberries!!! I want some chocolate strawberries and my friend called to tell me she made some homemade strawberry shortcake!!!just yesterday! mmmmMM!
I'll have to go look for YOU in the magazine now!