Saturday, June 07, 2008

schools out!!

remember how fun that was ..the last day of school...
the song from grease
you know the one
" schools out for summer "
keeps playing over & over in my head...
ha.. i will always loved that movie.. i even liked grease 2 ..
so i'm waking up early & going to the farmers market .. should be fun.. hoping to score some
yummy produce & some almonds.. the sugary roasted ones..
i love them but they tempt me to bite & i worry i may loss a crown!!
but i must have some... i must !!

so the garden is blooming.. here is a few shots.. i totally missed the lilacs.. man they came & left so fast.. bummer .. i love them ..
but here is the status of my mystery garden..
some still not blooming.. so take a guess.. & if you know what it is tell me!!
... just click image to enlarge photo...

~ maggie ~
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1 comment:

turquoise cro said...

Yes, I love that song too! Yeah, the lilacs don't last long enough!!
I'm in sunny SC visiting my daughter LOOKING for produce for my mom and dad!! The Beach water is sOOOOoOOo warm here! Guess what? I have to come home and get a new crown next week! Ug! Happy Summer, it's almost summer isn't it, I've lost sense of time! tee hee