Saturday, May 31, 2008

** my birthday with poo poo ***

so ... we had our big buddy Rocco aka poo poo for a whole week!! it was the greatest.. we all adore him he is such a big lover...

ruby has a crush on him ...she sneaks kisses

then herbie romps into the room & spoils the mood :)

i also turned 40 on Wednesday ... yep the big 4-0 .... i think it was more a big deal for others than it was for me.. i remember when i was a kid i thought of 40 as old.. no more pimples & i could wear high heels .. ..last week i woke up with a big pimple ON MY NOSE.. YIKES! there goes that theory & as for high heels... i rarely wear them & if i do it is for added high if my pants are too long ( i'm only a tad bit over 5ft ) or i have an event to go to .. which is rare ....
i think my friends were a little freaked as i am sorta the first of us to turn & my siblings may be freaked .. i am the youngest of 4 .... but for me .. i'm fine .. my favorite jeans fit ... which i am thrilled about.. my hair is almost all natural .. i stopped coloring it about 2 years ago & i have passed that horrible growing out stage .. or so i think.. ;) and well ... i feel as dopey as i did when i was a teen... but i own it now!!!
not to mention the big sweet saint i got to snuggle with all week when ruby & herbie weren't looking!!

... 40 is good .... thanks poo poo

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turquoise cro said...

Happy Birthday!!!! We have a lot of happy birthdays in May!!! awwwwwww, the doggies are all soOOOOOOoo SWEET! alas, I am highly allergic but I do LOVE them!!! I grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals but when I got in my 20's I became allergic! Love your art! It's happy!