Monday, May 19, 2008

*** funky tiles ***

so i absolutely LOVE fabulous funky handmade tiles..
last summer i found a local artist at an art fair & grabbed handfuls of these little
tiles ... just little shapes & letters ..
i took her magic .. sprinkled in my magic
waa la ....

cool huh?

it's our names.. sorta hard to see in photo..
~you can click image to enlarge photo~
i bought the dogs & cat names also with some paw print tiles ..
i don't know what i'm going to do with them ..

there was a bat on my house yesterday..
look ... sorta freaky .. sorta cool ...
it rained again today .. but the world is looking green .. there sits andy with his mountain dews... he's been sleepy ... living off caffeine these days .. hopefully things will mellow out soon..

new painting ..

* pug love *

my neighbor told me i could have a duck.. chickens & even a small goat ..
i decided if i had a duck i would name it
colonel quackers

i don't think i will be getting a duck

i miss my bunnies .. i would like a bunny again

enjoy enjoy enjoy
~ maggie ~

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

hey mag--LOVE THE NEW STUFF!!!
seeing your painting make me so happy happy!!!!
The mosaic is really cute! I talked to the guy at our local habitat for humanity restore yesterday, cuz I go in their all the time for altered art and recycle art supplies--I told him I'd love to donate my time and "talent" (that's questionable, lol) and teach a class--they could charge peeps for the class and use it as a fundraiser. I basically said I'd teach a class on anything I've done or know how to do.
we should do coffee sometime when I'm up yonder!