Friday, May 16, 2008

as i paint ...

they just sleep ...
i love it ..
this is them today ...

little lulu is here too :)
she sorta keeps mostly under my chair ..

fabulous news... our buddie rocco is coming to stay a few days... oh i can't wait!!!
he is a saint bernard.. his mommie is going to disney land .. so he is coming here..
pretty good deal for all of us .. we adore him & he adores us :)

i will post photos... he will be here the 24th-28th i think .. or 29th


ok .. auctions...
you know the drill
click painting or title to view auction ...

enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

the last painting is my favorite--where he's peaking up and the butterfly is behind him--SO FREAKING CUTE.

My hostas are not coming up nearly as fast as yours. I'm jealous.

aw, I want a saint bernard to come stay with me too!