Friday, April 17, 2009

** i love this **

susan boyle
i just LOVE it...

here are some of the commissions i have been working on

~ rusty ~
cute huh?
i did a tattoo
the lettering will be added ..
what is there was just a quick sample ..
it looks nice huh?
i will post photo as soon as i have one of the
actual tattoo on skin..
it will be on a shoulder.. to cover up a tattoo...
now the oktoberfest... for the bernese club in colorado..
i think i need to wait to show..
so hold tight!

it is finailly warming up & i am swamped in yard work!
i burnt out my leaf blower.. it started to smoke!!
so i have a new one & i also have most of the furniture moved from my porch so i can
enjoy my beautiful porch!!
i am so happy
can't wait for the lilacs to bloom
happy spring!
~ maggie ~


Anonymous said...

what beautiful painting you do...... cant wait to hear how much you are enjoying your porch. Ahhh......

Anonymous said...

So you burnt out your leaf blower--I am laughing. A lot of leaves in your yard! Put a chair back on your porch, take time to enjoy. Yes, Susan Boyle is an amazing lady with a lot of courage. She said she picked that song because it expressed how she was feeling at that time in her life. As she said, she won't be lonely any more now.