Thursday, November 20, 2008

** i've been tagged ***

7 Weird or Random Facts about me...
yep i was tagged by sydney you can read her's here ..
& then mine..
i told her i lived some of her facts only mine are d-list version!!

1) when i was 19 -20 years old i was in a prince music video .. only it was a video to a song no one
has ever heard !! Glam Slam .. see told ya you've drawn a blank huh?

2) i worked in home shopping for several years.. i was the one who made the rings look so beautiful as they spun on a turntable under perfect lighting with a lovely silk
rose in the background..slightly outta focus .. you know what i am talking about!

3) the night it was announced pete rose was kicked out of the hall of fame he was at the studio
scheduled to sell baseball cards or something ... the building was swarmed with t.v reporters .. i was pulling clothes for a fashion show in the warehouse.. & was totally clueless as to what was up .. a camera man handed me a baseball & said go get his autograph.. & i did !!
i waited outside the BATHROOM for him & asked as he walked out ..!!
oh & yes he gave me it

4) my full name is sara-margaret mary but i have always been called maggie ... so since i have the perfect christen name last may i decided to become ordained.. so i am .. from the universal life church .........

5) when my brother doesn't shave he looks like yukon cornelious see:

i think the funny thing is just like yukon my brother is a geologist or prospector you decide!

6) the first road trip vacation we ever took my son on was when he was 4..
we traveled the SW hitting natural hot springs with my brother..of
course we stopped at the lil aleinn in rachel nevada.. we camped right
outside area 51 .... also went to pahrump nevada home of art bell &
coast to coast am .. remember this was several years ago ... ..colman went to preschool & as all the kids said what they did over the summer .. disney land.. swimming ..
my sweet colman proudly said he went to area 51 ...

7) i eloped .. was married in 1994 in las vegas at the drive thru wedding chapel in the back of a limo wearing shorts & a silk top... i have never even tried on a wedding dress...


Saint Lover said...

Wow! Love the Yukon Cornelius comparison. I was married at the justice of the peace in 1994 as well and have never tried on a wedding dress.

nollyposh said...

YOU are way tooo ~cool~
X;-) vicki x
(ps) i had a 'surprise' wedding-told my mum and inlaws to be, that we were going out to lunch for my birthday... i was in a cream pants suit that was poorly hemmed (by me! lol!) ...Ahh well it was in a hundred year old cottage restaurant and we played Enya... and there was peacocks wandering in the gardens and cats on veranda seats X:-)

Anonymous said...

you're one cool chica! I have never tried on a wedding gown either- Maybe we are the majority??? heehee

Sydney said...

Now I don't mean to pat myself on the back or anything, but you see how wise I was in picking you to tag? Great answers. So you were a wardrobe stylist too?

And being ordained -- is there a Universal Life church or is it the church of life, so to speak, which is universal and about the universe? :-)

Amazing the similarities!!!! And certainly not a d-list. Cracked up about the pic of yukon

Melissa said...

Heehee Haha! That comparison with your brother and Yukon Cornelius is FUNNY!

I was married in a park and no one was invited because we can't stand anyone in our families. I wore a purple gown I had bought a few years before that for New Year's Eve.


~ maggie crawford ~ said...

that is crazy that we all are wedding dress virgins!!!
do you all watch bridzillas as stunned & entertained as me when the bride totally loses it??

sydney i am so glad you think you picked well ..
yes i was a wardrobe stylist extrodinaire! along with a steaming goddess!

well i just got an email from my brother "yukon" he also loved the comparision & says " that's a big Trout"
he's so funny :)

Allison said...

Who needs a wedding dress - not me!

Oh, Maggie, now we will never stop hearing about that "big trout" that Yukon caught. It's even on the fridge of the local Mammoth fishing equipment store - better get my "big trout" up there next to his on the fridge!

Yukon's a keeper too.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

nope we don't need no stinkin dress!!

* allison is yukon's wifey :) *

love you allison