Friday, November 07, 2008

*** november snowfalls ***

the view out my window this morning..
last year it snowed for the first time on thanksgiving..
it is much earlier this year ..
exciting yes
seasons are fun & fresh snow is beautiful
i still have a my halloween headstones .. floating ghosts ..pumpkins .. bats.. cobwebs..
to take down!!
snow covered halloween decor is a different kind a scarey..
it's a


Anonymous said...

What's up with snow b4 Thanksgiving? Unheard of.....
I cant think about it. It's been quite mild here, knock on wood.
Did your canvas's come in? What are your plans this weekend? Dreaming of out tropical get-a-way??
Ahhhhhh........ fruity drinks with umbrella's by the sea.

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

it is insanity..
snow before thanksgiving..
i am sooo dreaming of our vacation..
belize?? cabo??

this weekend i take in patio & halloween decor.. finish my brothers website & paint..
yes canvases came in .. i already am ordering more before i run out again
what chu doin ms sandy?

Anonymous said...

well, I'm working on the finer detials of my reiki practice, hoping to get that started in the next few weeks-the rooms need decorating, the business aspect(LLC, tax stuff,etc) needs to be done, I just finalized the details for my Indigo Goddess Arts classes in Jan- so I'm going to start working on different projects for that. OH plenty to keep me busy!!!
I have NEVER been to a tropical get-a way- well once with the ex, (Jamaica) but it wasnt an enjoyable trip. I really wanna do this Maggie. I'm going to have a jar- and I'm going to save- and we ARE going. Promise?

Anonymous said...

Think it's nice the snow is visiting you rather than East Coast. It has snowed in CT & NJ in Oct in the past. Maybe the snow will like MN this winter and stay out your way-- at least your dogs (except Lulu) would love it.

Guess who says woof to handsome Herbie?

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

sandy you are one busy gal!!
i went to mexico when i was 19
fun fun fun!
i will pull out my jar & start saving!!
sandy & maggie fun in the sun!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...
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~ maggie crawford ~ said...

i know it's my beeutmus you!

Saint Lover said...

Hi there! I just happened on your blog and OMG I love your art! I am a Saint Bernard owner too, infact I have 2! I would love to put a link on my blog if you dont mind.

I will check back again!

Anonymous said...

You are right, Herbie Mom,it's "Gwaycee". My Mom doesn't know how to do this blog stuff, but I am young, have 4 feet and can do anything, including yodel. Mom said she might put Gwaycee on my Christmas stocking instead of Graci. I just hope I get toys (saw Mom come home from Petsmart mumbling about spending too much on dog stuff--goodie)

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

well saint lover that would be fabulous!
i'm glad you enjoyed my art..
stop by anytime..
i will you too!

~ maggie ~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

gwaycee your the best
herbie told me so ...

nollyposh said...

oh but it looks soooo pretty!