Tuesday, November 11, 2008

first off
thank you vet's...
that's my dad in above photo..
i went to visit him today.. he is at a national cemetery
i was so happy to see how busy it was..
however there were far more wreathes that flags..
i thought the boy scouts put flags out today..
ok so i need to get it together & make a fabulous wreath
my project for the weekend..

ok more news the art i did for the BMD Rockies specialty raised
the most money to date .. that's in the history of the club!!
how exciting..
i hear there are a few sizes left so hurry
pirates of the carriberner tshirts & hooded sweatshirts ..

i think that is the contact..
or shoot me an email & i will hook you up with sharon
from the club ...

here are the latest up for grabs...
click image or title to view painting..

*** mom's home **
or doorbell, dinner, cat, wake up , car ride


sandy said...

wreath's instead of flags? huh? I'm sure you will go all out in your creation for your dad!!!
Your paintings are so great! What is the Pirate one for?

Saint Lover said...

OOOH I love the Pirates of the Caribeaner design! The other new ones are darling as well.

Happy Veterans day to your dad. As a veteran myself I am so sad that the ultimate sacrifices that exemplary men and women like your father almost goes unnoticed these days. My son's school and our city offices were all still in session/open yesterday. Not a single person on any of the forums I frequent even mentioned it.

I will never forget and will always thank the other veterans that have served our country proud to protect the freedoms and liberties that we as Americans seem to take for granted everyday.

Melissa said...

I love these pups!!!! How can anyone see these joy~full faces and not be happy? You'd have to be a real grump. grrrrrr. :)

Congratulations to you and to the club! YAY!!

~Dreamy Dogs~

Anonymous said...

How nice to have that photo of your Dad. We all thanked him and the other Vets yesterday (and everyday) for his service to USA. I fly my flag everyday and put out an extra one yesterday in memory of your Dad.

Hugs to ya--N

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

hi sandy ...
yea wreathes instead of flags.. i thought the boy scouts put flags out veterans day... must be memorial day ..but as of nov 1st you can put up wreaths.. i will figure it out :) i have some of my dads ashes ..but going there & visiting right now feels like something i want to do ...
the pirate one was for a dog show last sept.. it raised money for research & rescues.. :)

oh lora.. first thank YOU! my sons school was open also.. i don't get it?? what branch of the services are you?? my dad was army.. love your site ..especially the photo of you rufus & brutus!!

melissa ... you always crack me up i'm glad my pups have you smilin!!

ms N aka anonymous :) thank you.. my flag flies every day too.. i love you added a flag for my dad..
big thank you & hugs to you & your girls!

Sydney said...

That is a great picture of your father. I am thanking him for his service, not just on Vets or Memorial day but every day.