Wednesday, November 12, 2008

** one of those days **

it's one of those days when i am the only one in the house..
to get outta bed
ruby & bing the cat..
& there's lulu
now i should tell you that herbie DID get outta bed..
pranced ..hopped.. dug.. ate & turned the front yard with fresh snow
into mudd ...

currently up for grabs ..
*** move over rudolph ***

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~ maggie ~


sandy said...

Lazy days and boy does somebody like to
hope you enjoyed your day. looks relaxing for all.

Anonymous said...

Lulu almost looks like the hampster, but don't tell her I said so. Tell Mr. Herbie that Ms. Gwaycee likes to pull the grass out in clumps. Think I'd disown her if she tried to dig to China like Herbie, but maybe he just wants another tree planted--after all he is a boy. Ruby and the others look very comfy in bed.


Melissa said...

I'd like to have one of those days today. Gosh I'm tired.

As always, totally cute pup!!! Eeeeeee!