Thursday, April 17, 2008

**** it's almost gone!!! ****

i can't believe it ... the snow has almost all melted!!
that thought absolutely thrills me.. this has been a very loooong winter..
i am far to wrapped up with weather...
i loved having everyday sunny..
it is so bizarre to think it may rain.. there may be snow.. it could be freezing...
i was so spoiled in az... it was hot from june to sept ..
but here i do get to wear seasonal clothes ... which is fun..
i love to wear scarves..

anyway today .. snow melted .. but ... it was gray outside..
sorta stinky
i noticed a hillside of bulb buds poking up through the leaves i never got raked in the fall ..
so i
did alot of uncovering.. i'm talking a hillside.. at least 200 bulbs!!
it's exciting to think of what type of flowers it is .. i will take photos...

we have a rock driveway so we had it plowed .. now all the rocks are either pushed to the side into the grass.... or at the end of the driveway..
how disappointing it was to find out my big pile of snow was all the rocks from my drive covered in a couple inches of snow!!
i have started to rake the rocks back on to the drive.. it is a muddy mess out there!!

ok enough from me ..
here is the beauty queen
ruby my bernese is the model for this...

come fly with me ..
i love the dachshund ears :)
just the look of a dogs ears flopping around as they sit enjoying the wind
it's one of my favorite things...

you know the drill
click image or title to bid..
enjoy enjoy!!


Chelsea said...

oh Maggie--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little weiner dog--too stinkin cute!!!!
Do you do commission work? I just love the colors you use and perspective you have!

Yes, thank god spring is finally here--and it's supposed to be sunny by late weekend!! I went and had my bike tuned up on wednesday so I could go for a ride this weekend on the trails--yeah!

Ms Dragonfly said...

isn't your baby beautiful! yeah for spring!!