Monday, December 29, 2008

** the beauty queen ***

.. officially Hurray Ruby she is my beauty queen..
i have always
called her beauty queen..
it so fits her..
she is enjoying my new thrift store quirky plaid 1960's couch & i just
love it!
it is the perfect height for her she just sorta steps right up..
herbie .. he follows me everywhere
he is my lap dog... ruby is my queen

i went to dinner with my brother & his family tonight..
it was such a good meal!
i came home & played rockband with colman..
yes i did
i'm a mean ass bassist!

here are latest up for grabs..

~ my beauties :)~
~ ladiesman ~
i have so much to do so off i go..
~maggie ~


Saint Lover said...

AWWWWE!!!! She look so sweet on her couch!

Beautiful paintings.

Melissa said...

I am very such you are a kick butt bass player! Wish I could see that.

Oh, my more precious pups! Snuggle Huggle them for me won't you? HI BABIES!

Awesome new pieces. Love those background colors with the colors of those doggies! Great choices!

~Magickal Mugs~