Friday, December 05, 2008

** full grill or goldtooth **

i totally wiped out today..
off the patio on to the shovel..
right between the eyes with the
total spy vs spy
me the one who always spazs
"protect your face"
"arms out in case you slip"
"don't want to lose a tooth "
my arms were out ..
didn't help
it was a shovel handle...
so split my lip
had a nose bleed
loose front tooth

if i loose the tooth what do you think
full grill or
single gold tooth perhaps with a stone in it?



sandy said...

oh my gosh- you poor thing you..... did you go to the dentist? Will the tooth be ok? That takes quite an impact to loosen it, ouch!
You're in my thoughts- no more shoveling for you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Maggie. Wondered what happened to you. I vote for single gold tooth with a pawprint on it. Bet you are hurting--just don't be angry at yourself. Hope you can save the tooth. The dogs should have been there to cushion your fall, or were they in the warm house watching?


Anonymous said...

I would have saved you! Woof, woof. You could have one of my baby teeth that mom saved.


~ maggie crawford ~ said...

i'm fine..
just sore mouth..
i was taking out the garbage.. something i
never have to do again
but i don't know if this fall was worth that ..
maybe never have to pick out the treasures in the yard the dogs leave ..
worth it
ooo or clean lattes hutch..

graycee you are wonderful!

Saint Lover said...

OH NO!!!! You poor thing!!!!

Melissa said...

I admire your good attitude about it. Sometimes I think these happenings are simply for the amusement of The Universe. If you hadn't gotten hurt, it probably would have been pretty funny to watch. :) We need to do bloggers funniest videos.

I vote for the gold tooth with the jewel in it! You'll look totally hot!


~ maggie crawford ~ said...

i'm positive the universe was cracking up!
it must have looked a riot!!!

~ maggie ~

Sydney said...

Hey there -- Wow, that's quite a spill lady. Split lip sounds pain-ful!

I have a friend who got diamonds inbedded in a tooth or two, just a small one in the front on one or two lower molars. It's subtle but it totally rocks. That's my vote, lol.

nollyposh said...

Oh you pOOr thing!
(I like the gold tooth option, my Grandparents both had one, but said it was annoying because in photos they look "black!") X:-o!
Hope you are ok now *kissez* to make it better X;-)