Tuesday, December 09, 2008

*** snow+me=clutz ***

ok .. i have been so incredibly clumsy lately..
is it all this snow we have had?
is it age?
i wish..
i just am clumsy!!

today while siting and painting away i grabbed a beautiful minty greeny blue ..
squeezed a little & nothing so i squeezed a little harder ..
you know what happened next ..
yep i actually had a quick glimpse into my future myself...
i was COVERED in beautiful greeny blue..
across my shoulder..
half my cheek..
and yes
my mouth was opened & well
beautiful greeny blue doesn't taste very beautiful!!

it was funny
i was totally laughing!

my lip is healing.. i think i will be fine..
hopefully tooth is fine ..
but a fabulous gold tooth would look wonderful!!
thanks for all the warm wishes ..
i sorta lisp now..
i have been watching nancy grace for weeks ..
it is all about caylee anthony ..
20 some odd weeks in counting & the woman says caylee so weird..
she like rolls the l or something i can't figure it out but it
annoys ..fascinates & cracks me up..
maybe i will develop an odd thing like that
a funny way to say my own name ..
just my name ..
nancy only seems to say caylee weird ..
it's different everytime she says it ..

ok enough of my rambling .. :)

up for grabs ..
the snow lush..
*** do i have to come in ? ***

*** big flakes ***

*** happy ***

you know the drill click image or title to bid

enjoy enjoy


sandy said...

If I didnt know better, I was thinking you need fresh air or a day out in civilization- lol. This post had me nearly peeing my pants- I mean Pirates of Penzants....
Have you been stuck inside that house alone for too long? lol Poor thing. I think we need to up the plans for that island vacation to STAT!
Love you girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think we should nickname you Clums. What a time you had, what a painter you are--with your mouth. You need to be the only one in the room. Admit, funny to read. Did the paint help seal the tooth in place? Glad you are starting to feel better. When you mentioned Nancy Grace--I thought you were talking about Graci and I, ha. Noticed your new spelling of Graci(Graycee). She is indeed a pup of many names.

Melissa said...

I so love your pups! My fav is the last one. Love that minty blue background.

~Woof woof~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...