Sunday, December 28, 2008

*** feeling changes comin on ***

i have been a bit shook up..
i'm somewhat a mellow cat ...
on a
catnip high

i'm far from perfect but hey no one is right??
it has been a terrible last year & a half ..
but i survived ...

i think the thing that was such a bummer
about the holidays
was i was so in the spirit ..
at the same time!!
crisis right there huh?

so today is brighter..
still trumped but whatever ..

i have many tricks up my sleeve anyways huh?!?!!?


Anonymous said...

you are not alone sista. tricks, ey? please share.....
2009 is all about us!

nollyposh said...

Hey chickie, If you have a good Naturopath, they can do ~wonders~ about ~balancing~ hormones, Ever thought about progesterone cream?

Melissa said...

What a roller coaster ride Life is! Up, down, up, down, side to side, and then the loop!

You're lucky you have tricks up your sleeves...all I have is arms. :)HAHA, I made me laugh!

~Cups of Comfort~