Saturday, December 27, 2008

*** i've been trumped ***

it was one of those holidays that sorta zipped by so fast
i really didn't have time to think about things ..
but now that i do
i realize....
i have been

i was told my mother-in-laws sugar cookies are better than mine...
by my husband..
could have decked him!

this is my favorite gift ..
the shirt a gift to myself
and the necklace a gift
from a fabulous friend!


Saint Lover said...

At least you had goodies... we had Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and it consisted of bbq meatballs, a cold cuts tray and my bean dip. MIL doesnt like to "over do" it on Christmas because we have a small family. Then.... I spent the whole day alone on Xmas because they went to visit his grandma. I ate left over bean dip and cheese spread for my christmas meal. I would have killed for your sugar cookies and homemade pie.

Dont let it get you down.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I've had that happen before where I made something that I thought people would like and they didn't. Oh well.

Here is my new favorite saying, "Please Your Self." If others are pleased too, GREAT! If not, I am still pleased. It's a struggle.

Be pleased with yourself cause I think you're wonderful. I don't like sugar cookies either - perhaps the person just didn't want to hurt your feelings, perhaps they appreciated your effort (which is what it's supposed to be about anyway) and re-gifted it to someone who loves sugar cookies. Let's think positively and believe this is true. Next time you'll give that person something else.

Here's something cool about the situation - you listened to someone else's likes/dislikes and picked up on it. Some people are so totally out of it that you could say to them, "I don't like sugar cookies" and they'd give them to you next year again. Live and learn my friend!

AWESOME shirt! LOVE IT! I want one.


Sydney said...

be yourself loudly. end those cookeis on to me, I LIKE THEM. Screw those people form not extending christmas cheer to your efforts. And don't people keep pies for a few days to eat when they're NOT SO FULL? We often load up our extras and drive around til we find homeless folks who are thrilled to get holiday food. Those pies would have been completely appreciated... so much better than throwing any food away, let alone your hard work, done with LOVE. Something to think about for next year, though it seems that next year you may do something different after all this. Pies from srcatch take an enormous amount of work, and I for one am appreciating your for making them!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

i wish we lived closer your thundering herd & mine ..what fun!!
to avoid 2 turkey dinners we did a fabulous mexican fiesta margaritas chimichangas tacos your bean dip would have been wonderful!!

melisa you rock.. i love that "please your self" i will remember that
i hope the cookies were regifted

sydney .. i know i was sick about the pies .. the crust was picked at & come 2 days later it was in no condition to feed others .. i actually spent several hours a few days before christmas at the food shelf meeting wonderful people .. you are sooo right what a gift a good meal or treats is!! so many people in between right now ... i think that added to my spirit then my disappointment..
i am so damn thankful!!

ladies i appreciate you ALL!!
my chin is up today

nollyposh said...

Oh hunny bunny (((hugging))) YoU!
Just between you and me i also had a little of that a happening too... Don't let those ~feelings~ overwhelm you because what would you tell another? ...Yes, it's the tHoUgHt that counts, and it really is... *kissez* ...All the 'other stuff', is just other people's stuff, YOU are coming from the ~heart~ and that is all that matters xox

Anonymous said...

Don't know why your comments get to me 1 or 2 days late so sorry for late comments. You, my lady, are a great cook. You learned lots from your Grandmother and she would have be proud of your efforts. Your cookies are yummy even the crumbs. Amazing insensitive words that came to your ears. Your shirt says the truth and your truth is a good one.