Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*** mini me the doll ***

ok... i have a thing for dolls..
rag dolls ..especially raggedy ann dolls ...
melissa mentioned in her blog holly hobbie... remember her?? she looked like little laura ingles ... anyways a couple months ago i started to make a doll of me for me.. all from scratch.. here she is my first dollie...
silver strands in the hair & all!
my hair is shorter now but it will grow out wild
& crazy again right?!?!?
the little velvet rose skirt is
a piece of a favorite little jacket i wore in the 80's ..
i started knitting a couple months ago & had hoped to have a scarf i could wear by now..
but since i don't... i'm a slow knitter ...
i knit a mini scarf one for my mini me.. my first scarf!!
boots cuz i LOVE boots
& tights the color of my dogs
rust black & white
because we are sooo much a part of each other...

***** click images to enlarge pictures *******

fun huh? she isn't completely done.. her hands or lack of them..
think i can knit my mini me mittens???
~ maggie ~


Sydney said...

Great job! I love it!

Really, you have never made a doll, were knitting (something new it sounded like?) and then used fabric from an old well loved coat. I'm impressed.

!!!! I put so much work into it, and I want someone to at least see it, lol!

sandy said...

How cute are you to make a Mini Maggie Doll!!
She's adorable. I love your new paintings on your previous post too. Very very cute. Especially the one w/ the flowers. You really have been busy. Glad to see that gorgeous smile is still intact!!! No signs of impact!
Thats a good thing. xoxoxoxo

nollyposh said...

oh she's adorable X:-) X:-) X:-)

sizzie said...

I saw you at Sydney's and came over to say hello. I am glad I did, I like your doll and the mini me idea. I have made some dolls, too, but not for a while. I do still have a spiral notebook of designs, though. Much more fun to sit in a chair and come up with a design than to put it together. For lazy me, at least. : )

Melissa said...

Aw man she's fabulous! Great work!

~Magick Mini Maggie~

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

really first doll :)
i love i impressed YOU!!

yes mini me maggie was a turned 40 & not a barbie doll but a sparkled hair chubby maggiedoll ..
& i love her!

sizzie thanks for stopping by!
i stopped over & read your poem.. i will return & comment.. i love it!

melissa :)
she is magick!~!